Why the First Chakra is Really a Money Chakra

the root chakra and money

A few weeks ago I mentioned how Johannesburg has a different impact on my relationship with money.

As soon as I noticed this, I decided to just be still and spend time in South Africa and not just leave for Thailand.

I decided to visit my mom in the village and open myself up to being triggered so I can clear all the remnants that are still hanging out in my energy sphere.

Our family relationships impacts our emotions and energy levels no matter where we are in the world.


our issues with money are first chakra issues


The first chakra is located at the base of your tailbone and deals with issues of safety and security.

It’s also called the root chakra; it's the chakra of survival and family.

The first people when we encounter at birth is our parents, then our extended family and eventually our society.

As we grow up we learn that to be accepted by our family or tribe we have to behave in a particular way.

We learn that there are family norms of behaviour and make the decision to either be loyal to our family or break away from them.

We decide at a subconscious level, as kids and this decision informs who we become as people.

At the first chakra level the decision to be loyal can be comforting because we know we belong.

We immerse ourselves in our families and feel connected to them but we end up over identify with the tribe - saying things like: "this is how our family behaves, this is how we do things."

And we take on the behaviours of the tribe.

We become our mothers our fathers or our grandparents when it comes to money or with relationships.

We may marry our fathers or even become our fathers or mothers and spend our lives fighting ourselves and wondering wtf is going on.

And that's when it feels like a family curse, except it’s not; we just made the decision to be loyal to the tribe. 

At the first chakra level - we want safety and being part of a tribe is safe


When we choose to be safe, we risk being stagnant.

Often the child that grows up to look after the whole family and is willing to give up their lives for their parents or the extended family is the child that made the decision to be loyal to the tribe.

On the flip side is the inner child who makes the decision to break away from the tribe - the child who we sometimes call the black sheep of the family makes the decision to be the exact opposite of the tribe.

The decision to be different from the tribe is traumatic (ask me I know) because you risk being rejected by your tribe.

Most of us want the best of both worlds - for the tribe to be loyal to us and fully accept us, even when we're not loyal to them or fully accepting of them.

We resent our tribe for not fully accepting us, instead of we accepting that we're the ones that rejected them first. 


Guilt: the problem with being disloyal to the tribe


Making the decision to be different from the tribe can fill us with guilt, because it feels like we’re disloyal (which we are - this includes me).

We use money to apologise for our rejection of the tribal norms.

Our guilt plays out in 2 ways – we self-sabotage and hold ourselves back or we overgive to the tribe, hope they accept us and forgive our disloyalty.

In my view - the decision to remain loyal to the family is more intense and can be destructive if the family’s dysfunctional.

I've seen first-hand what this can do to a family through my mom, who decided she wanted more and made the decision to be disloyal to her tribe.


what can you do once you understand your first chakra decision?


Own your decision - do inner child or akashic records meditations to understand the decision you made about your tribe.

As soon as you know that decision own it, decide to change the decision or work with it.

Each decision has its pros and cons and you have the ability to work with your inner child and get him or her to change their view of what they remain loyal to within the tribe.


What decision did you make about loyalty and money at a first chakra level?

Let me know in the comments section below.