Exploring the Link between Sex, Pleasure and Money

The link between sex, pleasure and money

Last week, I explored the link between the first chakra and money and how our relationships with family impact our relationship with money.

This week I want to look at the link between the second chakra and money.

The second chakra is the sexual, pleasure and creativity chakra and is located below your belly button.

Where the first chakra is all about survival in relation to the tribe, the second chakra is all about who we are in relation to ourselves.

It’s about the relationship we have with ourselves because we can only know ourselves through others.


Our tribe can influence the relationship we have with ourselves


If our family has taught us at a young age that we’re less than or not good enough, this forms part of our self-perception.

If our tribe doesn’t believe anything is possible, we’ll most likely take on this belief for ourselves and it'll  shape our self-perception and impact our second chakra.

The second chakra is also the sexual chakra; I've spent the last 2 years immersing myself in tantra and jade egg exercises (more on this in my next book), working with coaches and getting yoni massages to understand what the heck is going on in my second chakra. I’ll delve into the why in the next book.

What I’ve came to understand is this - the second chakra isn’t just about sex, it’s also the chakra of self-love and self-creation.

This is the chakra where we decide if we’ll accept or reject pleasure and if we’re worthy or deserving of the good things in life.

It's the chakra where we make the decision on who we will be as people and we then act from that decision.

We process the information we’re fed at a first chakra level and based on what the tribe has told us, overtly or not-so-overtly, we decide if we’re loved or lovable and also decide where our sense of power lies.


The second chakra links the first and third chakra


The third chakra is the chakra of action and will power.

It’s the centre of action and determines how we manoeuvre in this world. 

The actions we take at a third chakra level are governed by the decisions we make about family and money at a first chakra level and the decisions we make about ourselves at a second chakra level.

Our family dynamics, stories, sense of self and self-love issues, all impact our willpower, how we take action and how we behave with money. 

Will power is useless if our first and second chakra issues are unresolved at the deepest levels of the subconscious.

This is why we self-sabotage or why even when we have the best intentions and tell ourselves we’ll save and budget and and and...we just can't seem to make it happen in the real world.

That's because the decisions we make at a first and second chakra level are impacting our will power and our ability to take action at a third chakra level.

A lot of these decisions are made in childhood and stored in the subconscious so we don't even know what the heck is going on.

Willpower has its limits, especially when it comes to changing financial behaviour


Most of us prefer to operate from the third chakra and use willpower to get things done (this is so me) but there comes a time, when it all falls apart, we feel run down, exhausted and plagued with emotional issues.

That comes from operating solely from the third chakra; one chakra is being forced to overpower the first and second chakra and it catches up.

The second chakra bridges the first and third chakra; I can’t stress the importance of doing the emotional work, especially with money.

When we do the inner work and understand the decisions we’ve taken about money at the first and second chakra level, taking action becomes easier and then working with the upper chakras becomes easier.

This is why the Creating Money Magic course has so many meditations to help you work through your emotions about money. 


How have your first and second chakra decisions impacted your ability to take action at the third chakra level?


Let me know your thoughts I the comments section below.