Can a Country Impact Your Relationship With Money?

can a country impact your relationship with money?

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with some Creating Money Magic students and one of them asked me a very interesting question: do I experience Wealthy Money differently in every country?

She mentioned that she noticed that my writing and the things I discuss about money are very different in each country.

In South Africa (I’m still in South Africa right now) my writing is always different and my writing changes – I don’t go as deep in my writings about my conversations with the spirit of money.

I’d actually never noticed that before but I thought about it and asked some people what they thought and the general consensus was the same – the tone of my writing changes in every country.



the energy of A country affects USand it impacts Our relationship with money


We have a history with a country and that country can trigger us or parts of ourselves we haven’t as yet dealt with.

When I’m in South Africa, some old thoughts and energies about money get triggered.

This makes sense because I have a story about me, South Africa and money.

My money story goes something like this: “Money slows down and stagnates when I am in South Africa. It doesn’t flow, especially in Johannesburg. Being in Joburg does something to my business. It’s impossible for me to build a business in Joburg.”

I didn’t even know I had this story until Nomveliso mentioned that and as I sat with the truth of her observation and started self-coaching I realized that I’ve been repeating this story for most of my life. (The Lesson 1 meditations on thoughts and emotions in the Creating Money Magic course helped with this).


the city where money comes to disappear and fortunes are lost


I’ve never done business in Johannesburg (Joburg) for long nor have I ever worked here. I didn't realize this until recently.

When I became debt free, I was living in Cape Town because I couldn't fathom working part time and running a company in Joburg.

I moved to Joburg from Mpumalanga when I was 12 and when we moved here my mother had everything – money, investments, farm animals, cars etc.

Within a year of moving to Joburg, my mom started losing everything and on most days we barely had food to eat.

We were in the best private school but my dad was paying; we'd go home to my uncle’s house to cousins who were violent, hated us and were shooting guns for fun.

My mom was getting restraining orders on my cousins and all the time we were spending part of our lives at super expensive schools and, in my case, therapy.

My mom had given all her money to my uncle since she believed he'd make better use of it than her, so we had no money to leave.

To this day talking to most of my mom's family fills me with terror and makes me want to run for my life.

On a rational level, I know there’s more to Joburg but even as I type this, I realize my money story is still tied to this city and the emotion it evokes is horror.

This horror is all tied to money.


My mom's Financial breakthrough only REINFORCES my money story


My mom moved back to Mpumalanga when my sister and I moved to Cape Town, and as soon as she moved, her finances changed dramatically.

Places can trigger subconscious memories and decisions we made about money, especially when our money story is tied to family issues and trauma.

That’s why going home can be difficult for some of us and can make us feel like we’re regressing.

Spaces hold memories - thoughts are things so they live and breathe in spaces.

Our family stories and family dynamics can shape how we feel about places and our relationship with money.

I look forward to doing the inner child meditations in the Money Magic course on this era of my life. 

What places trigger your money issues and impact your energy with money?

Let me know in the comments section below.