How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money on Yourself

Stop feeling guilty about spending money

Over the last few weeks I've been sharing how during one of my spirit of money meditations, money asked to be my husband.

Since then I've noticed a change in how I relate to money. 

There's a trust and gratitude within me when it comes to money. It's something that's new; it started with the spirit of money and inner child meditations.

I used to look at my bills and obsess about cutting them or get upset when unexpected bills appeared.

I remember arriving in Dubai at the beginning of last month and just being shocked at the price of everything.


The fear of not having enough money vs gratitude


Usually I'd be too scared and anxious about "losing or wasting" money and spending more than I budgeted. I would have deprived myself of some things.

Instead, I found myself thanking money for being there and feeling grateful that money was showing up to support my life.

I made a conscious decision not to deprive myself and chose live as I do in all the countries I live in.

I've caught myself doing this consistently with all my expenses lately.

I tried doing this years ago when spending money but it never felt real, because I was forcing the gratitude.

I was too angry and harbored a lot of other emotions about money.

I still harbor a lot of these emotions, but thanks to the Lesson 0 and Lesson 1 meditations in the Creating Money Magic course, I’ve cleared enough to find the gratitude under all that.


I started appreciating money and my bills when I stopped seeing money as the enemy


Money has stopped being THE enemy; we’re now building a relationship and there's a measure of trust.

I’m starting to trust that when money leaves; it will come back, which is leading to a relaxation about spending.

I no longer feel guilty about spending money which has allowed me to focus on investments and wealth creation. 

My focus is now on expansion and understanding how to grow the money I have.

Since money asked to be a husband, something shifted - I catch myself questioning my day to day expenditures.

I allow myself to get the things I really want because I want them and not because they are cheap or on sale (I stopped doing that years ago).

money is a tool to nurture ourselves & we shouldn't feel guilty for spending it


In the last few months I’ve also done a lot of inner child work and have recorded 3 inner child meditations, which I’ve posted in the Money Magic course.

I’ve been doing these meditations in my sleep and have noticed a shift in the way I treat myself, especially whenever I do the parenting the inner child meditations.

I’ve started giving myself permission to feel into my desires, have them and nurture them within my budget.

I noticed that the more relaxed, chilled and thankful I was about money in Dubai, and all my other travels this year, I was given more.

Often total strangers covered my expenses out of the blue.

I accepted it all because I understand that's how money chose to show up.

The way we feel about spending money on things, ourselves and others, tells us a lot about our relationship with money. 

The way we feel about spending money on ourselves vs spending money on others, tells us a lot about how to feel about ourselves and what we think we deserve.

How would your relationship with change if you stopped feeling guilty or anxious about spending money?