Case Study: Creating Money Magic with Kgomotso

The Creating Money Magic course is open for registration and I thought it would be awesome to do a case study with one of the students and hear how her life has changed in the last 2 months, since joining the course: 


Kgomotso picture.jpg


1. Welcome Kgomotso, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do


My name is Kgomotso Keloneilwe, I’m from Gaborone, Botswana, but you can call me “Queenmother” for I AM… royalty, not by blood but by choice. I am a MOTHER to two amazing human beings Kgosi (King) and Mmabatho (Her Majesty or Mother of the people (nation). I am a Creator (Creative) currently in the space of Film and Television Production.


2. Why did you decide to do the Creating Money Magic course?


I think the Creating Money Magic course decided for me (LOL). But that is true.

Beginning of this year when I was working on my Vision Board, chopping off magazines and stuff, I came across the phrase, “Wealth with Soul”, it spoke to me. I felt like, this is IT. I want to create wealth, but I don’t want to feel empty when I am wealthy. I didn’t want to chase money, I wanted to find a way of me having a relationship with money and I came across The Wealthy Money Magicians page which I silently followed.

In August, there was the #FallInLoveWithYourBankAccount Challenge, just in those 5 days, my relationship with Money changed, money blocks were cleared, I received Money that was “stuck” between transactions for months and had given up on ever getting it, clients renewed contracts etc.

So being a part of this course happened organically, my Soul had long yearned for something like this, although logic tried to defy it and reason that I couldn’t afford it, but I refused to listen and paid for it.

One thing that I have long learnt about the phrase “I can’t afford this or that”, is that, most of the time, we are subconsciously saying “I don’t want to pay for this or that” because we spend money all the time, it’s really about our priorities, if something is your priority, you will find a way of affording it, if it is not, you will find excuses of why you “can’t” afford it.


3. How has the course impacted your relationship with money? Tell us about the emotional shifts


Wow! I am calm around money.

The course has changed my belief that making Money is all about sweat and hard labour.

Through this course I have learnt that Money is energy, I now know that how I FEEL about my finances, wealth and my own level of deserving affects how much I have in the bank.

When we change how we feel about money or relate with money (which this course covers in depth), everything else seems to magically change. I now always have a sense of gratitude, my anxiety levels have dropped, I always feel like I have enough money because I don’t struggle or become cash strapped.

So in a nutshell, I freed myself to create, love and live large and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


4. How has the course impacted your flow of money, spending behaviour, savings and your view of investments?


The Creating Money Magic Course has shifted my flow of money drastically. There is never a moment where my bank account had zero balance, which happened a LOT in the past. I no longer spend recklessly, which Vangile once explained as me not loving money and wanting to get rid of it the moment I receive it.

So when money comes into my account, I sit with it for a bit, draw up a budget and try to stick to it (I say try because it is still a challenge to do this because I do deviate a bit from the budget, but I don’t blow the money like I used to).

When it comes to savings and investments, believe it or not, I did not have any savings or investments. I have now committed a monthly amount to save, not only for me but for my kids as well. I recently had another source of income which is for the next 12 months and that one is going towards investments.

I could have easily afforded a big ass house (which by the way I would be renting) and pulled out a brand new Mercedes GLE, then continue to work hard for money but I decided to invest because I know this Money will be working for ME in the next couple of years. I now know that in wealth creation, I have to increase my income and assets and decrease my expenses and liabilities.


5.Do you think you would have gotten the same results if you’d just read my book, followed the blog, done The Holistic Wealth Manifesto and joined the Facebook group?


NO, not at ALL. The course is deeper than all those combined. The meditations unearth and uproot a whole lot of emotions, most of which are our money blocks.


6. What do you think makes the course so special?


What makes this course so magical is the whole content, the meditations, the support and guidance not only from Van but from the fellow students. It is like a safe haven where you get to express yourself fully. There is just no right or wrong way of approaching the course. I get to do it at my own time and pace.