Why We Feel Guilty About Spending Money

One of the major emotions I struggle with is guilt, especially around money.

I keep thinking I'm okay and I've it sorted but wow, am I wrong!

I'm seeing it pop up again now - around money, happiness and life choices.

I'm feeling guilty about being back in Thailand, to do God knows what crazy and tantra orgasmic things for the next 3 - 4 months.

I'm even feeling guilty that I had an amazing apartment with an amazing view all to myself for 3 whole days in Johannesburg, thanks to my sister and my cousin .

I even have guilt that I had an SABC 3 television shoot and interview in said apartment.

TV Interview 2.jpg

So added guilt about being visible and expanding my life.

A huge part of my guilt about money and my life (90%) is tied to my mother wound (sigh*) - there's this voice that says, who am I to be truly happy when my mom isn't.


It feels selfish to make money, travel and want more from life


I also have the story she tells us about how she gave up everything for my sister and I.


I'm a work in progress as well and I will be delving into the mother wound work and meditations in the Creating Money Magic course very soon because it's triggering my vows of invisibility, which we also cover in the course.

But I keep reminding myself - last year this time, I had tons of guilt about making money and spending money.

And I now managed to work through that and stop manifesting emergencies (broken car mainly) to get rid of money and also stopped blocking money from flowing into my business and life.

And I know with every clearing in the course, a new layer comes up - now my layer is about living the life I want and not working with my martyr shadow (we do shadow work in the course).

So I can definitely use the work to work through this new layer before it shows up in my finances.


Guilt causes us to get rid of money or block money altogether


So let's chat about the most obvious guilt we can all identify with - the guilt of spending money on ourselves.

Watch the video below where I explain why we feel guilty about spending money



If this talk about spending money resonates with you, I really invite you to sign up for the fall in love with your bank account challenge, which closes for registration today, Thursday 22nd.

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