How Our Archetypes Influence Our Financial Behaviour

How Our Archetypes Affect Our Financial Behaviour

I open my book Heart, Mind & Money by explaining that we all have a little bit of the prostitute archetype in us because we all have the capacity to do things for money. Things we don’t want to do.

We have multiple archetypes - one is our primary archetype and others are secondary archetypes. The dominant archetype may not run the show when it comes to money.

It may be the shadow of that archetype that runs the show or it may be any of our other archetypes.

We also have collective archetypes, which also influence our money archetypes and shadows.. 

Different archetypes impact our relationship with money differently.


The prostitute


When the prostitute is our most dominant archetype, we hold onto jobs we don’t like or believe in for money; in this was we prostitute our time for money.

We marry or stay in marriages for money (that's not a judgement). We all do things we don’t like because money is involved or because there are other material benefits at stake.

The prostitute archetype is dominant in people who believe they can only survive through others and other people.

If we're brave enough to embrace the prostitute archetype, we can start being honest about the things we do for  money and can be upfront about the money we want. We can state our prices upfront and negotiate for ourselves without any shame.

The prostitute is a survival archetype so embrace it, because there's a part of us that believes we can only live by selling ourselves out.

This is an archetype that forces us to connect with the divine so we can find our own divinity and power.

It teaches us to set boundaries and decide how much of our souls we’re willing to sell and to set boundaries when we feel enough is enough.


The Beggar archetype


How else can you get money if you have no power over it, are working and giving everything away for free?

By begging for your next meal, which is something I did when I was struggling financially.

This sounds awful but the golden shadow of the beggar is powerful and can make a huge difference in the world.

Think about NGOs and fundraisers (incidentally I was once a fundraiser), they go begging for money,  not just pennies but millions and that money changes the world.

The beggar isn’t my predominant archetype, I started operating from it because I felt like that was the only way to get money.


The Martyr


The martyr is a tricky archetype when it comes to money because martyrs believe in right and wrong and want to do the right thing.

If a martyr believes having money is wrong, they'll avoid money at all costs. If you're a martyr archetype you have to work with that belief, question it and engage the archetype to find the truth of it.

If the martyr believes that having money is the right thing then they feel ashamed and develop issues if they don't have it. 

This is a very interesting archetype in general because they want to do the right thing and are willing to sacrifice themselves to do it. And when it comes to money it's very interesting.

Money and Archetypes


When it comes to archetypes and money, it's important to note that we have our own archetype (s) that deals with money  and yet we’ve also created archetypes around money. 

The mind is a universe or multiverse if you will and there are many things that happen all at once in your mind. 

As we interact with money, we create a persona around money, I call this the spirit of money, but it can also be considered an archetype.

The archetype you've created around money influences the way you behave with money and relate to money. 

There are as many archetypes as there are people. Carolyn Myss identifies 70 in total, but there are more, because archetypes are influenced by cultural backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, past lives etc.

When your dominant money archetype has to interact with the archetype you've created around money, interesting things happen and that's why you can sometimes feel like you've been bewitched when it comes to money, because the intentions you had at a conscious level, suddenly don't play out in the actual 3D space.

This is why becoming still and understanding yourself becomes key. You can't change things you don't know are an issue and the only way to change these things is to go deep and identify them as issues.

When your dominant archetype interacts with the archetype that runs the money side, magic can happen.

Befriending your archetype


I had to learn to befriend my victim archetype; when I sat down and spoke to my victim archetype, the more I understood why I felt victimized by money.

I allowed myself to be the victim - I cried, got angry at money and eventually found a way to shift and connect with the golden shadow of the victim - the victor.

In fact Wealthy Money's entire story is about me and all of us becoming victors by mastering money.

If you look at the work I do - it's about no longer being a slave to money, but falling in love with money and then mastering money from a space of love.

That comes from understanding my victim archetype.


What’s your money archetype and how does it affect your relationship with money?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.