3 Lies Spiritual People Tell Themselves About Money

People often lie about money, but the worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves about money.


1. It's wrong to ask for money


I was raised in a culture that taught me that it's rude to ask for things.

As a woman society taught me that good girls are reserved in their desires, they wait to be offered things and they hint at the things they want.

This lie held me back for years, especially in business where I spent years hinting at people to buy my products and hire me for my services.

I'd even hint at the price I wanted when people hired me! 

I wanted to be liked and didn't want to annoy people by talking about money so I waited for people to offer me a price and often they never did. In fact they'd assume my services were free and I was often too embarrassed to correct them.

Studies have shown that the reason most women don't get the money they want is because they don't know how to ask for it. 

Unfortunately we take this resistance to asking for money into our spiritual practice as well - we find it difficult to ask for money from source/ the universe/ God. This resistance then prevents us from manifesting the miracles we truly want. 

Moral of the story: if you don't ask, you don't get


2. You have to reciprocate every gift you're given


Okay so maybe you're able to ask for the money you want in your prayers, but are you open to receiving?

A few weeks ago at the event I did with Lebo Pule in Johannesburg,  I shared how I still struggle with receiving. 

As a woman, I learned a long time ago that receiving often came with strings attached, especially when the gift came from a man. 

So I learned to shut down or reciprocate every gift I was given, except at some point in my life, the gifts became larger and larger - a car, free apartments in cities I loved, plane tickets etc. 

Suddenly reciprocating became impossible and I started blocking gifts, including monetary gifts, which meant that I had to work harder and struggle for money. 

My journey over the last few years, has been a journey to open myself up to receiving again. 


3. I am not worthy or good enough


We ask ourselves why we have the blessings and why we've been given the things we've been given and doubt our own worth. 

Money is like a lover - it steps up to the standards we set for it

If I tell a lover I’ll take any form of treatment, I’ll be treated in any way and I can’t hate him for that because those are the terms I agreed to.

Lebo Pule and I did a video on this topic a few weeks ago, a few days before our incredible event in Joburg a few days ago, click on the video below to lean more.