What To Do When You Tire Of Doing The Inner Work & Being Financially Responsible


One of the Money Magic students recently asked if I don't I get tired of doing the inner work and the money work.

Of course, I get tired!

Inner work is hard on most days.

I don’t always want to meditate or look at my finances or show up for Wealthy Money work.

Sometimes I want to stay and in bed and do nothing.

And to be honest, when I feel like that I do stay in bed or I hop on a plane or a scooter and go on an epic adventure.

But, as the saying goes - I always take myself on all those adventures and my problems follow me, so at some point I get back to doing the inner work.

I realized when I was heavily in debt that I could do all the practical money stuff and see some shifts, but if I wanted the major shifts, I needed to commit to the inner work and that nothing would change until I changed whatever was blocking me internally,

And this is one of the reasons I keep doing the inner work.

What can you do when you tire of doing the inner work?

1. Rest and sleep


Looking at your own ish and exploring the depths of your soul is exhausting and can be physically draining, so give yourself a break, take a break, rest and sleep for a few days or a week.

Most times we’re not resisting doing the inner work, we’re just tired but we push ourselves because that’s what we’ve been taught - to be super productive and to do as much as we can with the time we have.

Rest is part of doing the inner work.

We need to slow down to hear our souls speak.

2. Get help. Get a tribe. Don’t do it alone

I have two coaches who work with me. So, I have people I call when it gets too much.

One works with me around tantric and womb stuff and another works with me on my money and business challenges.

I also have a massive tribe - the Money Magic course students.

I get to teach in the student group but I also get to be a student and share my journey, so when things get bad and we are triggered we go into the group and we share our stories and our journey and it keeps us going.

So there’s no pressure for me to have it together as a coach.

3. Celebrate small wins and shifts

Doing the work is about changing my viewpoints, changing myself, changing where I'm at, at a particular point in time so yes it gets tiring but you know it's actually more tiring?

Taking action and not seeing results which can happen when we’re following the traditional way of dealing with money and buy into this idea of minimizing everything - minimizing expenses, keep minimizing expenses, keep working super, super hard to make an income and taking years to reach our financial goals.

So when you do see a shift celebrate, go out to dinner, dance, sing, do something to make celebrate how far you’ve come, because you’re shifting something.

4. Make self care a priority

Do something that you like and that’s just for you.

Choose one day a week where you just focus on your pleasure and your happiness.

Start a fun account where you set aside 10% of your income and spend it on you.

This really helps to remind me why I do this work and because the money is for fun, it’s money I spend on myself without any guilt.

I usually spend all my fun money on body work - massages, womb healing, acupuncture, yoni eggs, yoni steaming herbs.

I know all the cool spas and can tell you where to get kickass massages in most countries. I LOVE massages!

5. Honor your soul and what it wants

Treat yourself like you would treat your own child and be kind and loving because we’re all doing the best we can.

Follow your soul. Inner work isn’t something you do on a schedule. Make time for it, but don’t force yourself to do something, if everything in you is resisting.

Sit with the resistance and see if it has a message for you and then work from there.

Click on the video below to learn more:

What do you do when you tire of doing the inner work or being financially responsible?

Share your insights in the comments section below.