In Order to Receive We Have to Be Courageous Enough to Ask

A few weeks ago, in the Money Magicians group, I shared my story of how I came to do the work I do around money and what my journey taught me about having the courage to ask for what you want and how it changed my life.

Here's what I shared in the group:

For years when I was in high school, people would ask me:

 "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

As an A student it always shocked people that I wanted to write, float around the world, sleep on the beach, speak to weird beings/ entities and smoke weed.

I just couldn't see myself in an office but then I got to university and I learned that this dream impossible - I mean who floats around the world, writes for a living, speaks to strange beings and doesn't starve to death?

So I did the expected - I  got a job but I kept dreaming of travelling and kept asking the universe to help me travel.

I gave up on my dreams of writing and speaking to weird beings and entities because there's no way that was gonna happen (right?).

And 1 year 8 months later I was traveling.

Except I started accumulating debt on all my travels and decided to heal it by doing an MBA in the USA because a masters would change my finances.

Of course!

But boy was I wrong!

I did get a masters but I found myself US$60,000 (ZAR700,000) in debt at the lovely age of 26.

So I did the most mature thing in the world - I asked and prayed for a job.

I didn't want a job but everyone told me that was what I needed to get out of debt and I looked around and saw that this was indeed true. 

So I dedicated 2 years of my life to getting a job and I failed.

I would go to interviews and ace all the tests they gave us, including all the practical stuff they presented and be rejected on the basis of my personality.

I would be told that I wasn't a good fit for the organization or the culture.

I even tried being an extra in movies and got rejected.

I tried to write for blogs and magazines and I failed.

I would get rejection letter after rejection letter.

No one would hire me for anything for 2 years.

So one day in total frustration I remembered my old vision and I asked to write a book, float around the world and speak to weird beings.

Simple and impossible ask and I didn't expect anything to happen to be honest. 

But that one ask exploded my world within a month.

Things didn't happen overnight - my ask opened up resources for me:

  • I found a coach (Jo Ntsebeza) and negotiated a payment plan with her so she could coach me on life cos I had no clue what I was doing
  •  I discovered vipassana meditation
  • I paid and signed up for money courses 
  • I found a financial advisor and worked with her
  • I drew up excel spreadsheets
  • I found tutoring clients who paid me enough money (as though I had a job) and made money for the first time in 2 years
  • I started speaking to the weird beings again, only this time I was being told about money and how to change my situation and I did it

Within a year my life started changing and I started researching the book and writing it.

And of course, we all know I basically do everything I asked for, save for smoking weed (I now juice the leaves with my raw juices, since I discovered their healing properties).

It was like the universe was waiting for me to be brave oenugh to ask for my heart's desires.

Until that moment, I'd given up on asking, but the thing is - everything I asked for until that moment was something I asked for from a place of fear and they weren't really things I wanted.

I also took action and hired people and learned new things so I honored the universal law of action.

The more action I took, the more things were sent my way, because by taking action, I was showing active faith.

What this whole experience taught me was to ask for your hearts desires even though it seems ridiculous and it's not the norm. 

I also learned to take the next available right turn.

Does this resonate with you?

Are you ready to show active faith and take action in order to change your relationship with money?