Feeling Financially Overwhelmed? Always Take The Next Available Right

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Sometimes we have this massive financial vision for our lives and the scope of it freaks us out and overwhelms us.

This overwhelm than stops us in our tracks and demotivates us from taking any action. 

One of the things I've learned on the journey is to take the next available right turn.

What does that mean?

Imagine yourself as a lost driver on a road with many twists and curves and you have no clue where you're going. 

You could keep going and allow yourself to remain lost or you could start having fun and exploring how to get where you want to go and one way to do that is to keep taking a turn off. And the easy way to do that is to keep turning right. 

Most times we won't start on a goal because we can't see the full picture but the truth is we'll never see the full picture!

All we can do is ask the universe/ God/ Source for guidance, courage, clarity and teachers along the way. 


And believe me, every time we ask - we're given something (a gift)


It may not be the thing we want, but it's a piece that leads us to the things we're asking for.

And sometimes that gift is our lives falling apart or suddenly feeling uncomfortable in our skin or people leaving our lives etc.

Those situations and gifts cause us to start questioning and taking action.

Most people will ignore that gift and say they asked and weren't given anything.


Most people want the thing they're asking for to come fully wrapped and as a gift - resources, coaches, information...


We're always given something to work with to reach our goals, we just have to be aware.

So when I say I learned to take the next available right turn, it means I stopped driving right past the gifts and worked with the things I was given in that moment.

If the gift is: broken friendships and exes stressing me when my ask is about learning to love, which is exactly what happened in January 2018 - that's what I work with because these are the things that will lead me to the final gift that I asked for.

When I asked to be debt free,  credit card companies started hassling me and I started falling sick from acid reflux and digestive issues.

The next available right was to work to take those calls and start healing my digestion issues and anxiety, which is how I came to do the work I do now. 

Most times the thing we are asking for won't come to just as is.


It's not about the thing we're asking the universe for - it's about us allowing that thing and as Abraham Hicks says: "being a vibrational match to it".


So even after we ask, we still have to do the inner work to become a vibrational match.

We become our own miracles!

We build castles brick by brick, day by day. It’s the small wins along the way that keep us motivated – great victories are made of small wins along the way and not one large win at the end.

Does this resonate?

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