Case Study on Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success

Using emotional intelligence for financial success

The Creating Money Magic eCourse is finally open for registration.

If you’re sitting on the fence about signing up for the eCourse, I decided to ask one of the Creating Money Magic Students a few questions.

So without further ado, I’ll let, Casey Blake, Founder of Tools for Having the Talks (definitely check out her work) share her story.

Casey Blake

Q1. Why did you decide to do the course?

A. I can't remember the exact reason. I remember being in awe of you at a function in January, and thinking to myself, if I had Vangile on my team, I will definitely succeed!  I really liked the idea of getting to the underlying emotional obstacles to succeeding financially.


Q2. What was the main challenge in your business?

 A. Getting people to pay for my workshops.


Q3. What did you learn about your relationship with money from the course?

A. That I have so many emotional connections and thoughts around money, that often sabotage my success. When I signed up, I was expecting a fair amount of smooth sailing.

Reading the posts from other people in the group, I thought I was different. I didn't think I had that much emotional baggage around money.

Boy was I wrong! So many little things (and big things) from my childhood have laid the foundation for my difficulties with money.

Having guilty feelings about buying myself a new pair of shoes, or new clothes. Feeling dependent...


Q4. What are some breakthroughs you've had around your relationship with money since doing the course?

A. Hmm, this is a tough one. First off, my business account finally has the beginnings of a kitty, so that I can pay myself a steady salary if there is a slow month.

I guess the biggest breakthrough has been realising how much I have mixed feelings around money.

Becoming aware of my sabotaging behaviour. I am currently fighting the urge to lower my prices, so that my work seems more appealing. But I have raised my prices for a reason. Needing to increase my fee was something that came up for me a lot in the meditations. How I put SOOOO much work into the workshops, running the workshops, that I need to actually make a profit from them.

So my current struggle is reminding myself that running my workshops (12-15 hours of workshopping over three days plus printing plus venue hire plus catering) deserves more than a couple hundred rand in the end.

That I need to take time to care for myself. Yesterday I had a list of things that needed to get done. I did the urgent stuff, and for the first time in ages, took the afternoon off to read a book and nap. Self-care keeps coming up as an important thing money needs me to do, so money can show up. I am trying my best to listen, and take time off during the week for actual rest.




Q5. What lessons and/or meditations worked best for you during the course?

A. Lesson 1 - the emotions around money, being present with money.  The most movement and success I experienced during the course happened during this lesson. I have been wanting to go back to it, but my A Student personality has been avoiding that, cos I want to "finish the course."

I really look forward to starting the journey again with the new batch of students, so that I do Lesson 1 again, "in the right order".

The meditations around my vision are also favourites (Lesson 2 and Lesson 4). 


Q6. What are the true benefits of the course?

A. This is a tough one to answer!

Awareness. Becoming aware of why we do the things we do. Why we feel the way we do about money. The meditations (and journaling) help to not only create awareness about these things, but also slowly start to bring ideas of changing these things to mind.

Having the facebook and whatsapp group to share and work through emotional-financial difficulties has been phenomenal.

Getting Vangile's feedback about what has come up in the meditations or journaling has often brought tears to my eyes. How Vangile connects the dots you didn't realise were there is amazing.


Q7. What did you think about the offline Wealthy Money Circle meet ups?

A. We have only managed to have 2 meet ups since I joined the course.

Both have done wonders for my sense of accomplishment and being able to do the things.

Being able to have these conversations face to face, with other people who are in the course has been amazing. Not feeling crazy when speaking about money as a sentient entity

Being able to set goals for the next meeting, to try and put the practical elements of the course into action.


Q8. What advice would I give someone who is on the fence about doing the course?

A. The value of the coaching received when you give feedback about the meditations is worth more than the cost of the course. This is not something you buy and use once. The lifetime membership is worth it. Since I joined the course, Vangile has added at least 3 more meditations to the course (that I have noticed).

You get to do the course at your own pace. It often takes me a 2 weeks or more to get through a week's worth of course material. This does not impact on the value of feedback that Vangile offers.

If you are on the fence, I would guess there is a part of you that really wants the value the course has to offer, but you might be wondering about the cost.

I am so glad I took the leap and bought the course! While I'm doing it, I can't believe how little the course actually cost, considering the high amount of value that the course has to offer. The offer to pay off the course over 6 months makes it much easier to afford on a budget.