Mental Dynamics - How to Constantly Change & Evolve Your Mindset


"The only thing constant about this world is change."

It's something we've heard for centuries, and truly, it makes a lot of sense.

Can you truly remember an instance when you have felt the same, constant emotion for a prolonged period of time?

That’s because the mind is constantly evolving and changing.

The mind is an ecosystem on its own.

Every part of the brain has a different function - cognition, movement control, speech, and so on.

Each part works together in sync as an ecosystem. The thing about ecosystems is, while the core functioning and the original principles remain the same, the variables change constantly.

Our minds are constantly growing, constantly evolving, and there's enough proof to believe in this theory.

Not just regarding physical size, even the basic functionality of the mind changes and evolves as we grow older.

Hermetic philosophy touches on different growth stages of the mind. A short, quick book that explains Hermetic philosophy is The Kybalion. If you don’t want to read the whole book, you can learn more about the Kybalion book explained by Wealth Creation Mastermind here.

How to change and evolve your mindset:

1. Knowledge

We're learning something new almost every moment of every day, even if it's something as simple as how to pronounce a word or how to hold a pencil the right way.

When we're younger, this knowledge curve rapidly moves upwards but the pace slows down as we're older. The more knowledge we gather, the more the mind evolves. Whether or not we choose to use and retain that knowledge, it still contributes to our change.

If you want to change your mindset, you can choose to take control of the knowledge you acquire.

2. Have new experiences

Situations can alter perceptions in a matter of seconds.

What might've induced positivity or happiness in the mind once, might not necessarily do the same when a few variables change.

You might be afraid of heights all your life until you decide to go skydiving and realize how much you really enjoy it. Now, what was once a fear-inducing situation for you has become a hobby or a liking. Experiences and circumstances contribute quite significantly to the evolution of the mind because they make us question things.

If you want to change your mindset, consciously choose to have different experiences.

3. Choose your tribe carefully

The clash of thoughts and opinions can transform a lot of things, including your mental capacity and vibrational frequency.

We're often conditioned to think in a certain way but when we meet new people and exchange ideas, our mind discovers and explores new options. Our minds evolve when thoughts are exchanged.

If you want to change your mindset, hang around with people who think the way you would like to think.

4. Self Reflection


Self-reflection is nothing but questioning your own thoughts and ideas before putting them out into the world.

Will this work?

Can I improve it?

Is this ideal?

Am I doing it wrong?

Questions are important, because they drive us to find answers, and it's that journey of seeking answers that helps the mind evolve and change. Whether the answers you find are right, wrong or simply unsuitable, the process of self-reflection changes your mindset.

5. Emotional Intelligence

When you talk about the mind and brain, IQ or Intelligence Quotient is often used as a measuring scale.

We're inclined to label a mind as smart or slow based on this scale, but is this entirely accurate?

We're not going to get into the technical and scientific details of this, but the underlying message is that there's so much more to the mind.

The Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligent or EQ) is a person's ability to deal with emotions, stress, mental conditions and stressful situations and can make a big difference to a person’s mindset.

As much as we associate emotional cognition with the heart, it's really the brain and the hormones it's secreting that regulate our emotional well-being.

Develop your emotional intelligence and the way you approach life will change, which in turn, will change your mindset.

Final Thoughts

The mind is a complex system; it's a combination of responses, emotions, and deductions we make over the course of a lifetime. The mind evolves and changes, just as we do as individuals, and contributes to who we become as people.

Mindset is not so much a race to the finish line as it is the development of a story from scratch to finish.

How do you constantly change your mindset?

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Guest blog by: Amanda Noel, founder of