Why Self-deprivation Makes You Hate Your Budget

self deprivation, self-sabotage and budgeting

Self deprivation is a form of self-torture and it’s often linked to money.

Self-deprivation can be the way we deprive ourselves of sleep, healthy food, deprive our body of exercise, deprive our mind of peace, deprive ourselves of financial wellbeing etc.

Giving to ourselves and nurturing ourselves can be difficult because at the base of it is the desire to self-sabotage.

Expansion is scary because to expand is to expose ourselves to the unknown. 

Who will we become if we allow ourselves to expand financially?

We self-sabotage to protect ourselves from the unknown


Self sabotage is a form of self-deprivation because we deprive ourselves of the feeling of fulfilment and the opportunity to evolve.

Self-deprivation comes from the deeply held belief that there's not enough, which is a thought that has its origins in scarcity.

When we believe in scarcity, we deprive ourselves of the joy of following our dreams and this is tied to money.


The best way to see how we deprive ourselves is to see how we treat others and give to others 


Do you follow through on promises to yourself - financial, health, relationships?

Are you generous with others?

Do you feel resentment when you give to others?

Do you worry that there won't be enough for everybody if you give to someone?

When we know how to give to ourselves generously and unconditionally it’s easier to give to others as well.


our stories can also be a form of self-torture


I noticed that I keep certain thoughts alive in my psyche by refusing to question them and release them in order to punish myself.

I'm holding onto some painful thoughts as a way to punish myself or punish others even if they harm me.

Questioning the thoughts and stories that cause us pain is a big part of self-care and self love. 

What stories and thoughts are causing you pain?

(These can be thoughts like: I am too fat, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I am not smart enough...)

What can you do to let them go?


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.