How to Create Good Financial Karma

how to change your financial karma

A few months ago, Jo Ntsebeza from Kalavati Café shared her experience about the spirit of money meditations on the Facebook group.

Jo explained that during one of her spirit of money meditations, money came to her and explained that she should stop looking for free things.

Money explained that if she wanted to grow her business she had to be willing to pay for things and spend money.

She shared that since she started paying people for their courses and services, things in her business shifted dramatically and people started paying her for her services.


Understanding financial karma helped me get out of debt


I had a similar realization years ago when I was getting out of debt.

Part of my struggle was that deep down I never wanted to pay for anything so I attracted people who didn’t want to pay me for anything.

I also created debt because I wanted the things I was taking out on credit to be given to me for free because I was scared of money and didn't want to deal with money.

When I started Wealthy Money and decided to get out of debt, I changed the way I did business.

In my first company (that failed), I’d get people to work for free and pay them in equity.

And as karma would have it - I could never get anyone to pay me for anything. And the business eventually failed.

With Wealthy Money I decided not to offer equity; instead I paid everyone for any and all services.

And I've seen a shift - people also pay me for my products and services.


Karma is the notion that everything we do comes back to us ten-fold


Just in case you’re not sold on this notion of financial karma, I want to share one more example of how I saw this play out in my life. 

I never used to pay for eBooks. I used to download all my eBooks for free on carious websites, which is like stealing.

Then my book Heart, Mind & Money came out and is now one of the top 10 most stolen books in South Africa.

My publishers were shocked by my blasé attitude, but I understand why this happened - I spent my life stealing from other authors and now others are doing the same to me.

I'm at peace with this, because karma must be paid back in some form or another and this is the way my karma is playing out.

Everything we do to someone or for someone comes back to us ten times over.


I know financial karma is real – how have you seen financial karma play out in your own life?

Take a moment to think about how this is playing out in your life and your business and share in the comments section below.