Why We Run Away From the Things We Really Want to Manifest


Why do we run away from the things we say we want?

Why do we say we want to save more money and then spend all our money on something trivial?

We say want to get out of debt but every time we're given the opportunity to do just that we freak out and run away.

Why does our financial behavior contradict our financial aspirations?

At a conscious level we may have a goal to create financial freedom by paying back debt, saving and investing, but at a subconscious level our mind may see our financial goal as unsafe and scary.

The role of our subconscious mind is to keep us alive by keeping us safe and protected. This is also the role of our sub personalities, such as the inner child, inner teen and our shadows.

If we have money trauma from the past, that proves to the mind that our financial goal is dangerous, then our mind is going to work very hard to keep us from achieving that financial goal.

Because to the subconscious mind, running in the opposite direction of that goal is how you stay alive.

That’s why the mind fights change so badly, because change is something new and untested so it could lead to death.

So, even though, at a conscious level it may seem that having more money saved or less debt would make us feel safer, at a subconscious level there may be a part of us that feels unsafe about having more money or feels like it can't trust money, and that part of us will do all it can to keep us safe by sabotaging all our efforts.

Example: Your goal may be to increase income in order to build a profitable investment portfolio. Let’s assume you feel safe making more money by working for it but you don’t feel safe or comfortable making money you didn’t work for. And let’s assume you’ve mastered your budgeting skills so you spend money consciously.

In this scenario, you’ll increase income with ease, but you may find it difficult to use the money to build an investment portfolio. You may find that as your income increases, more people suddenly ask you for money.

And as soon as you start saying no to them and you learn to set firm boundaries, suddenly there’s an emergency that requires money as well, as soon as you sort that out, you suddenly get invited on a dream vacation that costs a lot of money. Your mind is powerful and will keep manifesting scenarios to stop you from building that portfolio.

Before long, you’ll convince yourself that the only way to build the portfolio is by increasing income again and you’ll find yourself repeating the cycle.

The only way to break the cycle is to heal the underlying trauma that’s stopping you from building that investment portfolio.

Visualization and affirmations aren’t effective when there’s unresolved trauma

Trying to visualize, affirm and take action around our future goals when there’s unresolved trauma, is like pressing on the accelerator and the break at the same time, because the safety factor will always win, and our mind will find a way to sabotage and bring us back to the status quo we’re used to.

Our mind’s need to keep us safe, will override any excitement or gratitude we feel about reaching our financial goals.

If you want your affirmations and visualization exercises to be effective, first heal the trauma you have about your particular financial goal and then affirm, otherwise you may actually be doing more damage than good.

I can’t stress this enough, especially for people of color who come from stressful financial environments coupled with ancestral trauma around money.

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