How To Remain Open To Receiving Abundance

How to remain open to receiving abundance

Two days ago I was lucky enough to give a speech at a Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) conference.

I admit that I was nervous to give engineers financial advice and worse to combine that advice with spirituality.

But it was amazing. Actually I think it was the best speaking experience I’ve had so far.


Being Open To Receive


The experience reminded me how important it is be open to new information and to receive the miracles that come our way when we start asking for more.

It’s often easier to give to others than it is to receive.

Giving our time, knowledge and money puts us in a position of power, because we can be the people that others come to for help.

Receiving on the other hand means being the one that gets help, which requires a certain humility from us and means not being the one with all the answers and even being perceived as less than strong.

But when we think about it – it takes a certain kind of strength to be open enough to ask and then be receive.

To tap into the spirit of abundance we have to be open to receiving.


How to open yourself up to receiving


I'll be talking a lot about this in the teleclass tonight, but if you do want to start opening yourself to receiving you can start by:

1. Practicing gratitude

2. Giving from the heart