Why Some People Get What They Ask For & Others Struggle


“Why does it seem like other people get what they ask for and I just struggle?”

That’s a question I received a few months ago in my inbox.

The question refers to the #AskTuesday discussions that I run in the Wealthy Money Magicians Facebook group.

In the group, people ask the universe for their heart’s desires and then give feedback on #WinningWednesday.

Some people have wild breakthroughs and get what they ask for with ease and speed, whilst some people struggle to get what they want, which can be really frustrating.

I sometimes fall into the group that struggles to get what they want but I’ve learned to just trust the journey and relax.

So, why do some people get what they ask for and others struggle?

When I was US$60,000 in debt and going through the toughest time in my life, financially, I discovered this work and met people who kept telling me about affirmations, visualization, they told me that you could ask the universe for things, you could set intentions and the things you ask for will manifest.

So, I set an intention to become debt free by the end of 2010, and that is how 2010 became the worst financial year of my life.

It's actually very hard for me to think of anything that was great about 2010, because it was just such a bad year.

Yes, I was in a relationship.

Yes, I was being gifted a lot of things.

Yes, I had friends who adored me and whom I adored as well.

But in terms of finances everything bottomed out, as soon as I set that intention.

Sometimes you set the intention and ask the universe for your heart’s desires and you get the opposite of what you asked for, because the universe or your soul has to show you what's holding you back from receiving the thing that you want.

And sometimes the only way for us to see what's holding us back from reaching the things we want to reach, is things falling apart.

Before we can get the things we want, our souls have to become energetically aligned to those things.

It’s not about getting the things we ask for, it’s about who we become on the journey to getting those things.

When I asked to be debt free, my financial habits were a mess.

I was a mess and was focused on consuming and creating debt.

Nothing about me even hinted at fiscal responsibility.

So even if a miracle had been granted to me and someone had paid off my debt, I’d have ended up creating new debt and would have ended up setting the same intention again.

When my life fell apart, I was forced to stop running and to start dealing with my ish, which is the greatest gift that the universe could have given me.

Because after that crazy year, I stopped reading up on intentions and started really doing the inner work I needed to do to get out of debt: I hired a life coach, I went to vipassana, I took my yoga practice to the next level, I learned to sit with my emotions, I created a budget that aligned with my values and I created a debt repayment plan that I reviewed every week.

And then I stopped running from my bank account and committed to my money journey.

Within 3.5 years, the universe more than delivered on my intention.

Not only did I get out of debt, I wrote a book about the process, launched a company and bought property. None of those things were in my intention.

It didn’t happen over night but it happened.

Our beliefs impact our ability to receive the things we’re asking for

When I graduated from the MBA program, I decided life was too scary to do on my own and became obsesses with getting married, so I could feel safe.

I gathered a group of my friends together and had a romance intention setting party.

I wrote a crazy list of a hundred things I wanted in a man, and asked the universe for a man who would propose to me on the third date.

We all laughed and kept our lists so we could compare notes when we met the guys.

We all agreed that my list was too crazy and no man would ever meet those requirements.

I had no expectations and wasn’t too concerned either way because my experience with relationships was that the universe often gave me what I asked for.

Fast forward 4 months and some pretty wild adventures later and I did meet a man who proposed to me on the 3rd date and met almost all the requirements I’d written down.

It kinda freaked us all out.

Why was it so easy for me to get the guy and so difficult to become debt free?

Simple: I had less issues and trauma around romantic relationships than I did around money back then.

Ironically, I can’t say the same today because I’ve done more work on my relationship with money than I have on my romantic relationships.

The more trauma you have around the thing you’re setting an intention on or asking for, the less open you’ll be to receive it, and the longer it’ll take to manifest or receive it.

In that case, what you need to focus on is on healing the trauma so you can open yourself up to receiving what you’re asking for.

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