On Celebrating Small Wins and Taking Action

celebrating small wins and taking action

In the Creating #MoneyMagic course we start off by writing down our 5 year vision and then spend a huge a portion of the course breaking the vision down into goals and action steps. 

It’s no use having a vision without an action plan or strategy on how to make that vision a reality.

Yes we can ask the universe for help but we’re in a co-creative partnership with the universe and we need to do our part by taking action.

For example, if your vision is be debt free, you can affirm and visualize your financial freedom but you have to meet the universe halfway and take action by changing your spending habits.


It's not enough to take action - we also have to continually review our strategy and see if it's working.


So if your goal is to be debt free and you continue spending recklessly, there's a disconnect between the vision and your actions.

You have 2 options:
1. Change the vision to align with your actions
2. Change your actions to align with your vision

Are the actions you’re taking yielding the desired results and leading you closer to your financial goals or are they leading you further away?

If after several months of taking action - we don't see a concrete victory, we can look at what's not working, analyse our strategy and change tactics.

every vision is valid but sometimes we need to change strategies or timelines to make the vision a reality


It's not just about taking consistent action but taking the right action consistently.

This is why we do the higher self-meditations in the Creating Money Magi eCourse - to tap into our deepest wisdom and understand what the right action is.


Ask yourself:

i. What’s my financial vision?

ii. Are the daily actions I’m taking leading me closer or further away from this vision?


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