3 Money Mistakes That Keep Spiritual People Broke

Years ago when I was unemployed, unable to get a job and sell single product in my company, I couldn't bring myself to ask, visualise or set financial goals. 

 At the time all I wanted was US$60,000+ to pay off my debts and just be debt free but that just seemed impossible. 

Looking back now, I realise I could have asked and set goals for more money than I needed, but somehow I always set goals for just enough money to get by every month and pay off debt after debt after debt.

I couldn't think bigger because I was scared!

Even now, I sometimes catch myself setting "realistic" goals and asking for "realistic" things and I have to challenge myself to ask and set goals for the things I really want, my impossible dreams.

I have to keep challenging myself, working on my spiritual relationship with money and keep remembering what my spirit of money told me recently - she is money and can't run out of herself.

This is just one mistake that I make with money, but there are 3  mistakes that spiritual people make with money: 




When I was living in Boston, MA, I was told that I could pray for money and so I did - I would spend 10 hours, every other weekend, chanting for money. 

And the craziest thing happened - the more I chanted, the worse my financial situation got. 

Chanting wasn't helping me because I was expecting a higher source to save me, without doing the internal work necessary to save myself. 

We're spiritual beings having a human experience and part of that human experience is to deal with earthly things like money. 

My finances changed when I started praying for wisdom, started owning my power, believing in my own ability to change my life, doing the work around my emotions and underlying stories about money. 




We don't take time to improve upon our own personal financial education or to connect with our bank account.

We have no clue where most of our money is really going.

Yes we do affirmations and visualisation around money and we could argue that that's making money a priority but that's not true - we're not doing the practical and uncomfortable work of looking through our bank accounts, connecting with our spirit of money and creating investment strategies that align to our vision.

Making money a priority means taking a holistic approach to money - doing the inner work as we take practical steps to change our finances. 

That's why one of the first things that students in the Creating Money Magic course do is to work with their spirit of money to start creating a financial vision. 




They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a tribe to change yourself.

The right tribe can help you thrive and grow in leaps and bounds

The brain is hardwired to fight any kind of change and the best way to change and adopt new financial behaviours is to surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to do. 

Watch the video below to learn more: 

What mistakes are you making with money?

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