How the #WealthyMoneyRetreat taught me about letting go

Day 1.jpg

I think I have sort of processed the retreat and all that happened and is happening since.

The theme for the retreat was ease, grace and expansion and as with all things to do with Wealthy Money, the theme came in meditation with my spirit guides.


Day 1 of the retreat reminded me how to just let go and trust in life.


The day started off with Mizo and Tshegofatso at my apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand because they arrived a day early, so they got to stay with me for a night.

The night before I'd been telling them that I wanted to rent out my apartment for 2 months and go to Bali, Indonesia and then maybe Penang, Malaysia after the retreat.

My problem was the retreat was the next day and I hadn't even started looking for tenants.

And I had to meet the guy (Jeff) who rented me my scooter in the morning downstairs to give him the scooter keys cos I'm headed to Bali.

I just need tenants thoough. Anyway we sleep.

I woke up in the morning did yoga and headed downstairs to give Jeff the scooter keys at about 11.30 am.

When I get downstairs I meet Jeff and give him the keys and next to Jeff is a couple just chilling.

They come up to me and ask if maybe I'm renting an apartment...they need to rent a place for 7 - 8 weeks.

Well it so happens I am and I show them around and they go away. 30 mins later they message me that they will take the apartment but they need to move in at 6.30 pm.

We were on our way to lunch at one of my fave vegan spots in ChiangMai to meet with other Blackpackers so I tell them to meet me at 4 pm to finalise everything.

Long and short of it by 6.30 pm my apartment had been rented out, and I packed up my life and the apartment in 2 hours.

And somehow I had finalized my accommodation dates for Bali with the guest house. The ticket would be booked the day I flew out.

And call the transport to pick up the other members of our party at the airport.

We arrived at Mala Dhara, the retreat center, a few hours later to a gorgeous meal and I adopted a cat for a roommate (or the cat adopted me).

Mizo laughed cos I was officially at that moment once more a nomad - no house and no scooter. Just one suitcase for 8 weeks and a retreat to teach.

So Day 1 - the arrival day was already a day of letting go for me, which incidentally would turn out to be my definition of expansion.

But that realization would come on day 5.