#WealthyMoneyRetreat Day 6: Tantra Yoga, Blessings & Sri Lanka

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My laptop is broken.

I have an interim laptop as my current one gets fixed. So back to work. Doing the best I can considering that my old laptop has all my files, so if I owe you an email response, this is why I'm taking forever getting back to you.

Anyway I want to close off the thread on the retreat.

The Final Day of the retreat was only a half day of teaching:


1. Tantra Yoga

We did tantra yoga first thing every morning during the retreat and I was actually shocked that everyone didnt just end up sleeping for an hour after the session.

I always end up sleeping for an hour when I do tantra yoga on my own at home.

Tantra yoga has a specific sequence and a set of poses that you hold for a prolonged period and just relax into the pose.

The idea is simple - the more relaxed you are in a pose, the deeper you can go into a pose. So its really about relaxing and letting go.

Tantra yoga was my first real understanding of how important relaxation is in order to do difficult things.

When I started this yoga, I'd only done vinyasa yoga and ashtanga yoga and was focused on being in the poses and looking awesome as I do them.

I'd force myself into poses and now I have to challenge myself to relax in a pose and feel into my body, which changed my life.

But not before I almost lost my mind crying everyday when I was getting my yoga teaching certificate in Goa, India and then had all sorts of ancestral and deep childhood memories surface.

And I quit Wealthy Money for a while because I was in so much pain. But that's also what lead to the Money Magic meditations.

That experience taught me the power of yoga.


2. The Blessing

Since this was the last day and we were pressed for time and needed to pack and all that jazz, I figured wed each teach a class.

That didn't quite happen. Lebo had us do an exercise and then said she felt the need to bless us.

And didn't she just bless us?

She did amazing numbers readings for each of us based on our birthdays. The reading helps you understand who you are as a person and how you function, what drives you etc.

It was eye opening!

What struck me is how this reading confirmed the astrology readings, angel readings sangoma consultations (South Africa) and shaman consultations (Brazil) have said about me when they did my readings.

The gist of all these readings is the same, which is mind blowing to me.

All these spiritual teachers from different cultures and countries have said the same thing to me over the years:

  • My soul needs to travel - I will spend my life travelling according to these healers
  • I work with spirit, I'm here to actually work with spirit. It's what my inner child did and what my adult self does and I have to go deep and to allow myself to go deep in my spiritual work
  • I'm on my own little weird earth adventure
  • I have the ability to work non stop for hours and days on end, I can keep working for as long as I want (very true)
  • I'm actually very practical under pressure and don't crack easily (this is the truth, which often shocks people)

Even though I had heard this before. Lebo's reading and the way she did it, made me feel like it's totally okay to be on my own weird adventure and to own it. So this was a blessing for me, because it tied into my retreat journey on self acceptance.


So yeah, I'm out here in Bali, officially owning my weirdness (that's what Lebo called it) and I'm so much happier about it.

I'm also owning that I work best with spirit and structure is not so much my thing, I can do it, but I work best when I allow myself to flow with my work. And yes, I can work for long long hours and keep going when I work like this.

Lebo has a very lovely gift and I can truly say we felt blessed to each get a reading. i also felt healed.


3. Ending the retreat

The thailand retreat has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The theme was: Ease, Grace and Expansion.

I can feel how it's changed me internally. And we now have a wats app group for everyone who attended, where we're still processing.

I'm stunned that 5 days can unearth so much and still need us to process and make sense of everything but here we are.


4. Next Retreat: Sri Lanka

The next retreat has 4 spots left (not making the same mistake as 2018) and is in Sri Lanka in April 2019.

This retreat is slightly different - it on the ocean, we'll have a private beach and will have a private chef. Food is the same: organic and vegan.

I love Sri Lanka and from the first time I visited I knew I was going host a retreat there. I just felt connected to the country.

The theme is: Pleasure, Surrender and Receiving.

My co-teacher is Tshidi from Beautiful Vibes Women (I want her to teach pleasure) and Ill also have a Sri Lankan teacher to teach surrender.

I will post more about this when I get to Sri Lanka in September.

But if you feel called to join us, message me to reserve your spot. It's first come, first serve so send me a message.