How to Rebound From Financial Mistakes



Scientists are starting to do more studies on ancestral memories and how memories are passed down from generation to generation.

In one study, scientists exposed mice to the smell of cherry blossoms and electrocuted them as soon as they smelled cherry blossoms.

After a few weeks, they stopped electrocuting the mice but noticed that whenever the mice were exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms, they would freeze in fear and shiver.

They continued the study - exposing mice to cherry blossoms, without electrocuting them, and what they found stunned them - 5 generations later the great great grandchildren of the mice who'd been electrocuted would freeze in fear every time they smelled cherry blossoms!

Other studies have also shown that mice are able to pass down solutions on how to get out of a maze to their kids. So they not only pass on trauma but solutions as well. 


Learning how to rebound from mistakes and healing financial trauma, is important not just for us, but for future generations as well.


Not just because we're passing on information to the next generation but because our inability to  process financial mistakes, impacts the decisions we make in this moment, which impacts our future. 

The ability to learn from our mistakes, is what helps us evolve to so we make better decisions.

Mistakes are normal and they're part of growth and learning, but when we beat ourselves up for making a mistake, we stay in the past and don't give ourselves the opportunity to shift into a solution filled paradigm.

I started to understand this more clearly this week, after a roller coaster 6 weeks of balancing life, business and my first retreat. 

I'm excited but more than that - I'm grateful to host the first Wealthy Money Annual Retreat here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So many things went wrong as I was putting together the retreat and there were days when I would sit down, cry and silently tell myself that this was a mistake. 

This usually led me to recount all my previous financial mistakes and how things got so pear shaped.

At some point though, I had this epiphany that the only way for me to move forward and make this retreat epic was to forgive my past financial mistakes so I could be present and deal with what is. 

The minute I did that, everything shifted!


So how did I stop obsessing about my financial mistakes and get things done?

I share that in the video. Click to watch