How to Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster


How can I reach my financial goals faster?

That’s a question I often get asked by Money Magic students when someone, joins the course, does a few meditations and suddenly has a wild breakthrough, compared to someone who’s been doing the course for months and sees small shifts.

1. Take action that’s in alignment with your financial goal

Often, we set a financial goal but then we delay taking action.

We want proof that we’ll succeed in making that goal a reality and wait for favorable conditions or wait to feel ready to take action.

Or we take action for the sake of taking action.

It's not just about taking action, it's about taking action that’s in line with our financial goal.

Taking action for the sake of taking action, will keep you busy but won’t get you closer to your goal. Instead, it’ll leave you frustrated and exhausted.

If my goal is to become debt free and my focus is only on budgeting, not on creating a debt repayment plan or on creating extra income to pay off my debt, then it will take me longer to pay off my debt.

If you want to get out of debt, budgeting is a great first step, but a budget just helps you understand where your money is going and helps you with your spending habits; it doesn’t help you pay off debt faster.

If you want to pay off debt quickly, you need a debt repayment plan and you need to start thinking of ways to create extra streams of income so you can use all that extra income to pay off your debt.

2. Listen to your soul nudges

In the #MoneyMagic course I make the students write letters to money and do Spirit of Money meditations (Lesson 0) so they can start to connect to their spirit of money or money archetype and start to build a relationship with money energetically.

They can work with their spirit of money to reach their money goals because that money archetype we’ve created about money can help us or hurt us when it comes to reaching financial goals.

Our subconscious mind is powerful, we have the answers in our souls and intuitively understand how to reach our financial goals in a way that’s unique to us.

But we’ve been taught to doubt ourselves when it comes to money.

We’ve been taught that money is a complicated subject, that only the lucky few can understand.

The challenge is to trust the messages and the soul nudges that we get on the journey because we’ve convinced ourselves that others know more about money than we do and that’s not true.

We all deal with money daily in some way, so we understand more than we realize about money.

We just have to believe that we can have the capacity to learn the language of money, even the practical high tech investment language of money.

3. Give yourself permission to fail and to learn from those failures

Sometimes we take action and things don’t work out the way we planned.

Sometimes we take the right action but the way we do it is wrong.

We want to invest and even follow our soul guidance to invest in the stock market or to buy property but we buy the wrong shares or the wrong property.

These things happen and it’s all part of the journey. Instead of seeing it as a failure, we can choose to see it as lessons learned.

When we give ourselves permission to fail, we also give ourselves permission to learn without holding onto failure and making it personal, which makes it faster to rebound and keep going after our goals.

4. Do the inner work and change your perception of your financial goal

It took me years to pay off my debt because I was too ashamed to face the creditors. And because shame makes us hide ourselves, I hid and refused to open my bills or budget or create a debt repayment plan of any kind.

The minute I healed my shame around my debt, I was able to start taking action and negotiating with creditors about repayment options.

The beliefs and emotions we have about our financial goals impact our financial behavior which can affect how long it takes us to make the goal a reality.

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What financial goal are you working on?

How long do you think it will take for you to reach it?

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