The Most Important Financial & Spiritual Lesson I've Learned

The wedding was beautiful; the exchange of the vows is done.


 But since Indian weddings last a few days, there are still more ceremonies and dinners…

The bottom line is we all had fun.

I left Dehli yesterday for Rishikesh to come get some work done and prepare for the teleclass.


 Stepping into Hippie Vegas


 Rishikesh is like stepping into Hippie Vegas – every other building or shop is an ashram, meditation center, palm reading/ astrology/ ayuveda practice, yoga studio etc.



I’m finding it overwhelming and would rather sit, watch the Ganges River and work.

 Until I came here I had no clue just how content I am practising vipassana meditation and just being in this moment.

 I’m not doing and just being.

 I’m trusting my journey in this moment. This was lesson 1.


The Most Important Lesson: Stop thinking there'll always be time


Last night I’d booked myself into a lovely hotel with all the bells and whistles, including room service.

 The only problem?

 The hotel hasn’t got a shower or a bath. It only has a detachable shower head and a bucket.

 My last place in Dheli had the same set up, which is why I’d booked a hotel in the first place.

 At first I thought I was just being a snob and could deal with this because I’m only here for 5 days but then I woke up in the morning and thought –

How often have I compromised on my vision and my life because I believe have the time?  

In that moment I realised that we all take time for granted – we believe that we’ll always have time.

 We know we’re eternal beings but this lifetime isn’t eternal, and yet we fool ourselves into believing that it is.

 We say – we’ll follow our dreams in another year or 2 and when a year passes, we’re still in the same position.


Time doesn’t change anything – we’re the ones that change


In the same way, our relationship with money; won’t miraculously change with time unless we change.


Join me on July 30, 2015 at 6:00 PM EST for a FREE Teleclass to learn how to change your relationship with money and connect with the divine in money.




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How will your life look like 6 months from now? 12 months from now?

Can you afford to stay in the same position?