The First Step To Creating An Abundant Life

A few days ago I found myself watching Iyanla Fix My Life and totally transfixed.

During the show Iyanla is trying to fix DMX, the famous rapper’s, life and get him to build a relationship with his eldest son and in the end it just turns out to be a disaster.

But even as everything is falling apart she says one amazing thing to DMX’s son:

You get to ask for what you want

She goes on to explain that the answer shouldn’t be a deterrent, you just get to ask for what you want.

And I thought that was such a powerful statement.

We all have the right to ask life for what we want.

It doesn’t mean we’re gonna get it, but we have the right to ask for our heart’s desires and to ask for a better life.

We have the right to want our lives to be better.

The first step to creating an abundant life is asking

 Life can only give you what you ask for.

People can only help you realize your goals when you ask for their help.

So get very clear on what you want.

Truth is, on most days it’s still very scary for me to say what I really want even to myself, but I’ve learned that until I verbalise and own my wants, it’s difficult to make it a reality.

Sometimes, I get the courage to ask for what I want but I short change myself. I say I want X but I get scared because a part of me believes X is too big a goal so I settle for Y and end up angry and resentful.

Taking action is a form of asking

To create an abundant life, our thoughts, words and deeds have to be aligned.

Most of us say we want something but our actions say something different.

We ask to start our own businesses but we spend our spare time looking for other jobs or chilling out…

We ask for financial freedom but we spend all the money we make on gadgets, clothes, expensive cars…

Or we ask for what we want, take action for  a few months, get frustrated and lose interest when we don’t get what we want immediately… (I'm guilty of this!)

There’re many reasons why our actions don’t match our words; one of those reasons is the way we feel about what we’ve asked for.