I’m learning about money & emotions in Sri Lanka

Money and emotions in sri lanka

I woke up this morning, looked myself in the mirror and wondered who this woman is and just marveled at how far I have come within myself and my own skin.

I'm making this body home and accepting all of me and my imperfections.

Money and emotions in Sri Lanka

I was never ready for Sri Lanka, and this unfolding. No one could have got me ready and I'm surrendering to the journey and learning to be present.

We can only shape our future by being aware of our decisions in the present moment


If you want to change your finances or life in the future, you need to understand the thoughts, words and deeds that are shaping your future right now.

The future isn't a place you just land in automatically.

It's a series of decisions, made from the past and the present.

Every emotion you feel about money in the present moment, drives the way you behave with money, which impacts your bank balance in the future.

If you want to change your life - you need to become self aware and rethink your financial decisions in the present moment.