How to Use Body Intuition for Financial Success

I'm currently in Sri Lanka doing tantra body work and getting an in depth understanding of the link between emotions, body and money for my next book and the yoga and money workshops.

The body is an important vehicle in helping us understand our emotions.

To explore this topic further I invited Dr Maha Swami as a guest teacher to teach us more.

Dr Maha is a a yoga teacher and general manager at 136.1 Yoga Studio at Dubai Marina at the UAE, where I'll be hosting a yoga and money workshop on April 1st.

Dr Swami has spent years working as a yoga consultant and teacher and has applied yoga for behavioral and habitual conditioning of the mind for addicts.

He's also used yoga in the corporate space to help workers and professionals cultivate yoga for success in their fields.


During the class, Dr Swami shared: 


  •  How to use your body to tap into your intuition
  •  How the body communicates with you
  •  How the body stores emotions and memories
  •  How to use yoga for success in your life
  •  How to tune into the messages that your body gives you
  •  How to heal trauma (in particular financial trauma) in the body

And sooo much more....


Click below to watch the video recording of the class: