How to Go from Broke & Bankrupt to Financially Thriving

It's 3 am in the morning in South Korea right now and my bedroom looks like a war zone, because I'm in the middle of packing for South Africa.

I leave in a few hours but instead of packing I decided to go on a date.

Yes! I've actually gone on dates  in South Korea and it's been fun because on some these dates I'm using various translation apps to talk about what I do.

Try explaining colonization and emotional intelligence with an app and hoping nothing gets lost in translation as you read the characters in Hangul. But that's a blog post for another day...

Luckily my date spoke better English than I speak Korean. So I had fun.

Now I'm working, doing laundry and packing in the early hours of the morning. 

Earlier today I had the pleasure of hosting a live class with author, speaker and entrepreneur, Lebo Pule.

In her book, Alone, Lebo shares her story on how she went from being a millionaire at a young age to losing everything, declaring bankruptcy and starting over again.


During the class she shared:


- How to deal with the financial trauma of losing money 

- Practical, spiritual and emotional steps you can take to start changing your relationship with money

 - How to start getting back on your feet

 - How connecting with her spirit of money helped her with her relationship with money

 - How changing her emotional relationship with money changed her behaviour with money


Listen to the class online:



Download the recording of the class: