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Why the Best Laid Financial Plans Go Wrong

Why the Best Laid Financial Plans Go Wrong

When I started on my personal finance journey, everyone told me to do affirmations and visualization and that everything would shift when I did this.

Yet something interesting happened in my world – the more I affirmed, the worse I felt and the more critical and negative I became towards myself...

How to Release Financial Trauma and Stress

Yesterday we had a #MoneyMagic live class on how to release financial stress and trauma.

The guest teacher for this Money Magic Series class was Bennie Naude, EFT Tapping trainer and coach, who does incredible work around healing past trauma.

During the class he elaborated on how our past experiences with money impact our present relationship with money and taught us how to release past financial traumas.

The class covered the following topics:

  •  What is trauma?
  •  How financial experiences and emotions are passed on from generation to generation
  •  How we can process and release our stories and beliefs about money
  •  How to change the way we feel about events around money in our lives
  •  How our past experiences impact our future and how to change that in the present
  •  EFT Tapping

Click on the audio below to listen to the class:

Or you can watch the video below: