How to Cultivate an Abundance Mind-set

Joel Osteen_Abundance

A few years ago I decided I wanted to be in a relationship with the ideal man.

I sat down and wrote down 100 things I wanted in a man.

I went to town on the list and held nothing back.

I thought I was crazy, my friends thought I was crazy and we all had a good laugh during the process.

A few months later, the craziest thing happened – I fell in love with a man who had all those things on my list. I was as shocked as all my friends.

When my relationship with that guy ended, I decided to add 60 more items to my list.

Clearly I missed out a few things the first time round (at this point you’re probably wondering if I’m insane. The jury's out on that LOL).

Fast forward a few more months and someone who has most of those things on my list showed up in my life.

Needless to say I’m still freaked out, but I've learned a lot about life through this process.

I learned that life will give you what you ask for.

No matter how insane or out of this world it seems.

If you ask for pennies life will give you pennies, but if you ask for abundance life will give you abundance.


How  can we develop an abundance mind-set when it comes to money?


1.     Meditate on abundance



2. Stop having Either-Or Conversations and start having And-And Conversations


Most of us go through life thinking we can either have A or B, but what if with some creativity and self-belief we could have both A and B?

And then what if we took a step further and asked our inner self how we could get both A and B?

How abundant would we be?


3. Do work that adds value and meaning to your life


Living your mission

Research shows that we’re happiest when we do work that adds meaning to our lives.

Research also shows that happiness can bring success, but success doesn’t always bring happiness.

Using deductive logic we can conclude that doing work that adds meaning to our lives, will make us happy and this happiness will increase our chances of success.

Even if you don’t have the patience to test this theory, I’d argue that we spend close to 70% of our lives at work or doing work related activities and that’s too much time wasted doing something that has no meaning and doesn’t bring us joy.


4. Surround yourself with abundant thinkers and dreamers


Every second Sunday of the month I hold intention and visualization circles at my house.

A group of dreamers and entrepreneurs gather around my kitchen table to share a delicious lunch and then move onto the living room to share the vision and intention for their lives.

After sharing your intention and vision, the rest of the group asks you, the sharer, questions about your vision to help you clarify your vision and to hold you accountable for making it a reality.

So lets say you shared a vision where you see yourself running a profitable company; people in the group may then ask you:

What do you mean by profitable?

What does profitable look like on your income statement?

What date would you like to reach profitability?

There’s no limit to the questions people can ask as long as they’re constructive and don’t discourage the other party from going after their dreams.

You, as the sharer, can ask to stop all questions if you feel tired or bored of the process.

What ends up happening is that the more questions people ask, the clearer you get about your vision and the more confident you become with taking action.

At least that’s what I thought when we started but now I've come to see it’s much more than that – most adults are scared of dreaming, and even worse, we’re scared of sharing our dreams with others because they may think we’re dumb.

Something amazing happens to us when we come together and share our dreams with people who not only see our potential but also hold the space for our dreams to come to fruition.

I leave you with a quote by Napolean Hill, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


How do you cultivate an abundance mindset in your life?

Let me know in the comments section below.