5 Ways to Save Money on Car & Household Insurance

Boy saving money

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save a few hundred dollars every year?

Imagine all that you can do with that money: go on vacation, join the gym, finally get that phone you’ve had your eye on.

So where will these extra dollars come from: Your insurance payments.

Today I came up 5 simple steps to help you to save on your insurance policies and distinguish good quality insurers from bad ones.


1. Shop around


Give yourself time to really shop around and ask questions.

My suggestion is start by talking to your friends and family about their insurance policies and their experience.

And then make a list of all the other companies out there and start reading up on their policies. IF you don’t understand any of the legal jargon, call and ask them.


2. Read what others are saying online


Do a quick Google search on what people are saying about various insurance companies – how they treat their clients, what they cover and what they pay.

People say a lot of things online and most of it is brutally honest.

Online reviews are the fastest and simplest way to get the down low on any company.

You’ll get non-bias reviews on a range of insurers and read other people’s past experiences.  Some sites you can check out are: insurance reviews at Insurance Onus or the insurance reviews at Insurance Tick


3. Continuously check group deal


Insurers are constantly coming up with new ways to attract potential customers.

One of the latest ways is to offer new customers discounts through several group deal websites; the e insurer gets new customers and save.


4. Combine multiple covers into one policy


Instead of purchasing different insurance policies from different insurers; buy them all your insurance (home, car, content insurance) from one company. This way you can negotiate for a higher discount.


5. Purchase and pay your premiums online


Thanks to the internet, companies can now continue to process transactions without the need of real life staff.

These online automation, this cuts back on overhead costs like rent and staff, which cuts down on your insurance expense, ultimately resulting in more savings.

What are your tips to save on insurance?

Let us know in the comments section below