How Spirituality Impacts Our Finances

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My work is about connecting the practical with the spiritual and emotional in all my courses and coaching.

Today I had my monthly coaching/teaching session on Lebo Pule's Facebook group (#Stretch 2018), where I was asked to teach about the law of oneness and how it connects to money.

I wanted to share my response with you. 


What is the Universal Law of Oneness and how does it affect money?


The law of universal oneness, says all things are one - everything. Not just people.

With that in mind we can assume, nothing is separate from us but that we've chosen to hold ourselves separate from things, including money.

We are all connected to wealth and we are all connected to poverty. We are all connected to health and we are all connected to disease. The soul wants to experience all these things.

Your soul is not just connected to other souls in this life but to other versions of you in other life times and other dimensions.

And it depends on which souls and lifetimes you feel most connected with at any point in time. These then have an impact on how you approach this life.

Please note that this life is happening simultaneously as other lives in the past and other dimensions.

So given this information - that we are never just living but interconnected on levels we don't yet understand as humans - we can assume all these things affect our vibration and connection to wealth.


Lets talk about matter and how this all ties into money and the spirit of money. Shall we?


All things - all matter is connected to us in some way - everything is made of the same atoms and the only difference is the rate at which they vibrate.

We know from science that heating water changes it's state to gas and freezing it changes its state to matter.

Its the same with all things in the universe - trees, animals, bricks etc. Everything is made of the same things. It's just the rate of vibration that's different.

And money is no different. Money is essentially paper and metal. At it's most basic definition. Now it's also numbers on a screen.

So money is actually matter but here's the thing - we've created stories and archetypes around money and the people who have money and manage money. So money has so many different frequencies based on the people who interact with it.

And that's what I call the spirit of money - that's the unique spirit that you've decided to give money and it relates to the law of oneness.

Money is also the one thing that we all have in common in this world - it links us. Everyone at some point will handle money - even the beggar. And as more people handle money, more of us add our vibrational or spiritual imprint to it.

Which means there are many ways to tap into money - that's a good thing. But it also shows that we can all attract money.

See our spirit of money is determined by so many things, but the main thing is - who our souls feel most connected to and what events in other lives and dimensions have deeply impacted us. That then determines our vibration with money.

So based on what we feel most connected to, we will vibrate at a particular frequency - which affects what we attract (law of attraction) but our past lives etc (which most law of attraction teachers try to dismiss) have a huge impact on our vibration as well. And this affects our emotions and beliefs around money, which affects our relationship with money.

And talking of the interconnectedness of souls - we can all access the same financial knowledge as all other souls, thanks to this law.

All we have to do is clear the blocks that stop us from doing so...and that essentially is the work.

Incidentally this is the work that I teach and coach on - how to clear the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that stop you from tapping into this knowledge that you carry within you.