I made it to Dubai in one piece

I made it to Dubai safely on Saturday! Yay!!


Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my luggage, which was lost for a while, and will apparently be arriving some time today.

As I type this, I should be at a conference that I'm speaking at tomorrow, but I have no clean clothes or decent shoes so I'm waiting for my luggage so I can start living and exploring the city.

Receiving my luggage and clean underwear, will be the best birthday gift.


Today is my birthday and I'll be spending the day at a conference and preparing my speech for tomorrow.

I have no clue how this always happens to me - how I always find myself in a foreign country where I don't know a human soul, on my birthday.

I'm pretty sure I'll know tons of people by the time I leave...I've never left a country without making strong human connections with the locals or the expats.

I so plan to celebrate my born day with a Desert Safari on Thursday or Friday.


Celebrate my birthday month with me


Instead of gifts on my birthday, I'm asking everyone to join me in a 30 day gifting challenge throughout the month of April.

If you’ve been following my journey then you know that I became debt free at the end of 2014, which was also the year that I did a 200 days of gifting challenge by myself (only my close friends knew).

I really don't think it's coincidence that I became debt free at the same time I was doing this challenge.

Last year, I was joined by others from the Wealthy Money tribe and they also experienced some miraculous shifts. So if you feel stuck, I really recommend this.

The challenge starts Wednesday, April 5th but you can sign up at any time between now and May 4th.

Click on the video below to learn more and join in the fun: