What If You Had No Bank Cards & Lived Only On Cash?

What if you received your entire salary in coins?

Yeah, that actually happened in South Africa this month!

I was recently asked by Sanlam to comment on their One Rand Man Campaign (now you know why I’m sharing this – shameless self-promotion), which is a campaign where a man gives up all his bank and credit cards and lives on cash for the whole month.

But that’s not all - he receives all his salary in R1 coins and has to use those coins to get around.


Check out the video to see the first week of living without credit:



Here’s my expert response

I was actually that overwhelmed just thinking of him counting all those coins. Who has the time?


The second week of the cash only journey




The last week of the cash only life


What are your thoughts?

Would you be able to live on cash and no credit for a whole month?

Let me know in the comments section below.