How to Save Money & Create an Emergency Fund

How to sve money

One of the things I’m still battling with on my financial journey is building an emergency savings fund with 6 months’ salary in it.

My focus thet last few years was to pay off debt and start building an investment portfolio, which I’ve done really well.

But the emergency fund?

Not going so well at all.

I don’t consider my investments in endowments and unit trusts, emergency funds. To me they're long term investments, for other things.


Why have an emergency savings fund?


Life is uncertain, you could lose your job, be forced to take a leave of absence, your car could break down etc.

When these uncertainties arise, you don’t want to start taking money out of your investment portfolio or retirement fund because that defeats the purpose of investing.

The more money we invest and the longer we invest our money, the higher our return on investment.

If you have an emergency savings account, you’re unlikely to rely on credit cards or debt to pay off any unexpected bills.

So you stay debt free. Yay!


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