How to Get More Done (In Less Time)

flexible business man in scorpion asana on desk in his office

Deepak Chopra says if you observe nature you’ll see that everything is effortless and it’s the same with life.

He talks about the law of least effort where he explains that the law of nature functions with effortless ease and carefreeness.

Plants don’t worry about sunlight and water and don’t go looking for it and yet they continue to survive. They don’t spend hours explaining how people hurt them and feeling pity for themselves.

They just get on with the here and now – constantly accepting the changing seasons and growing. They accept change with ease and grace.

If we could be like the plants around us and accept change with ease and grace, we’d achieve so much more in less time.


We can use the law of least effort to get more done in less time


1. Be authentic – align your actions to your values


Release resistance and take action that aligns to your values. That way you spend less time second guessing yourself and feeling guilty about the actions that aren’t in line with what you stand for.

To live an authentic life and take action that reflects our truth and reduces stress, we have to take into account the mind, body and soul connection.


2. Be self-aware


Start by acknowledging your power and own you’re so much more than this body.

Pay attention to everything that’s happening within your physical body when you’re making decisions and taking action.

If we can start being aware of the connection between our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, we can start making better decisions because we'll know when we’re acting out of our truth.


3. Remain calm and master your mind


When you feel down or are dealing with a bad situation, don’t run, focus on how the emotions you feel and where they sit in your body.

The sensations in your body can teach you a lot about what you’re feeling in the moment.

Observe the sensation, see if it has a colour or shape and see if there's an emotion tied to it. 

Sit and observe the sensation and the emotion and eventually it’ll disappear or you'll get an insight on your thinking process.

Listening to your body and paying attention to your emotions teaches you about yourself, which leads to better decision making and reduces stress. 


4. Develop unlimited self-esteem


People can sense indecision and low self-esteem, but the good thing is people can also sense when you believe in yourself.

The more faith you have in yourself, the more resources you attract, which increases your productivity and your chances of getting more done in less time.


How do you get more done in less time?

Have you seen the law of least effort work in your life?

Let me know in the comments section.