5 Ways To Conquer Your Most Paralyzing Fear

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Last week my life coach told me that entrepreneurs fail often in their lives before they succeed.

I'm not a fan of failing several times to reach success.

At some point we’re all faced with a fear that paralyses us and stops us from taking any action to make our dreams a reality.


How to overcome your most paralyzing fear


1. Stand your ground


We learn at a young age that it’s futile to run from the school bully, the best way to defeat him is to face him head on. It’s the same with our fears; we have to stand firm and face them.

When you walk in your fear and anxiety, live it and try to understand it, it loses its power over you and you become stronger from it.

If you allow fear to overpower you, you run the risk of being paralysed by inaction and never getting started on any project.


2. Change your thinking


Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” says,  "The problem is not the problem but your attitude about the problem.”

The problem is your attitude about the situation and the attitude about your fear.

You can change this attitude by questioning your thoughts. Write down all your fears and beliefs ask yourself if these fears are true (not subjectively true but objectively true).


3. Meditate


Meditation helps us release resistance, which is caused by fear.


4. Take action


Mark Twain once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”

Fear is a normal part of our daily existence because that’s just how we're hardwired as human beings.

And the only way to overcome that fear is to take action even when you’re scared and shaking in your boots.


5. Ask for help


You’ll be shocked how many people will help you when you ask for it.

Fear is part of life, but the difference between those with courage and those without is what they do with their fear.


How do you overcome fear? 

Who would you be if you were fearless?

Let’s connect in the comments section below.