How to Get Over the Fear of Asking for a Raise or Invoicing Clients

How to ask for a raise


There was a time when I used to wait for weeks and weeks before asking people to pay me money they owe me. I would've created a long story and twisted myself in knots at the very idea of asking for money.

Now I message clients and keep it to 2 sentences and get to the point.

I’m actually shocked by how much I’ve changed when it comes to asking for money that's owed to me or invoicing.

I no longer accept wishy washy dates of when payment will be made and expect people to tell me the exact payments that’ll be made to me.

I’ve learned to ask for concrete dates and amounts from everyone I do business with.

This was something that my spirit of money taught me in the spirit of money meditations in the Creating Money Magic course and I’m grateful.


How I made the shift in asking for money and invoicing clients


This shift in asking for money was gradual.

As I did the work on money and shifted my fears of money betraying me, I stopped being scared to just ask for money owed to me.

One thing I did was pay attention to my emotions, the physical sensations in my body and my story whenever I had to ask for money and then did the lesson 1 meditations in the #MoneyMagic course.


The questions to ask yourself are:


i. How do you feel emotionally and physically we asking for money or asking for a raise at work?

ii. How do you feel asking clients to pay you what you're owed?

iii. How do you feel when you invoice clients?

Just visualize a situation where you have to ask for money and notice the physical sensations that arise in your body.

The reason I asked you to do the exercise above is because those same sensations and emotions and stories are carried over into any situation that involves asking.

All these things create an energetic block and continue to contribute to the stories we have about being worthy, deserving or blessed.


How do you feel asking the universe for anything?


I was listening to Abraham Hicks a few weeks ago and they explained that when we ask the universe for anything, we never have to explain why we want that things we're asking for.

All we have to do is ask and know that the universe is there to serve us and that's it.

But (this is a big but) they explain that you have to be a "co-operative component" to the thing you're asking for and often we're not.

They went deeper andexplained (and I think this is key), when you ask, the universe isn't creating a car or money just for you.

The universe is creating a new you with that car or money.

The car and the money are already here in this 3D space.

But you, as you are, are not on the same vibrational frequency that allows you to receive those things - the stories and emotions you have around all these things, yourself and your abilities create an energetic block and stop you from connecting with all these things.

For example: imagine you like a man or woman and no matter what you try to do, you just can't connect with them and can't get them to even notice you. You try everything but inside you're desperate and nervous and really need them to like you.

Suddenly one day you just let go and "give up" on them and let that go and call it quits. And out of the blue, they suddenly approach you and you get together.

What happened?

The universe didn’t create this man, he was always there but you had so many emotions going on within you, regarding him and because emotions are energy, you started creating an energetic block.

When you surrendered and gave up on the situation, you released all those emotions of fear, tension and desperation that were causing the block.

We've all been able to sense someone's desperation when they're really into us and most of us have been turned off by it. This is the same when we ask for anything from anyone or even the universe out of desperation.

When Abraham Hicks says the universe is creating a new you with the car or money, they mean you have to create a new you, you have to shift and get yourself emotionally relaxed and ready for the things you’re asking for.


You have to question your thoughts and stories about what you believe is true


Before we can act in faith, we have to acknowledge our doubt and sit with it, not run from it. Sit with the self-doubt and the fear and question its origins and then release it.

This is why it's so important to be self- aware and meditate or do the inner work, because often these emotions and stories are so deeply buried in our psyche, we don't even know they’re there, since we're only aware of what's happening at the conscious level and not the subconscious.

This is also why meditation (I recommend vipassana), visualisation and/or the higher-self meditations in the #MoneyMagic course are key, because you start opening your subconscious to this version of you with the things or qualities you're asking for.

When something seems like it's taking forever to happen or come to fruition in your life, use that as an opportunity to get still and go within.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.