Trusting life, making money your lover & updates from Sri Lanka

Trusting life and making money your lover

I'm currently in Sri Lanka and loving it.

I'm loving the weather, the people and the food.

The only downside is it takes me an average of one hour to travel 7 kms to anywhere because of the traffic and it's challenging me emotionally.

Speaking of which - I have exactly 3 hours to get to my next appointment and am praying I make it in time (it's only 15 kms away but trust me when I say this may not be enough time).

Also I sometimes use the public transport instead of tuk tuks and taxis because I noticed it takes the same amount of time to get anywhere.

Most of my new friends here are horrified that I'd do this and the conductors are worried I'll get lost, which I do, but I always find myself somewhere.

You can check out the pictures and videos on the Wealthy Money Faceboook page

This is a great lesson in trusting life

There's nothing like getting on a bus in a foreign country, where most people don't speak English, no one looks like you and you have no clue where you're going, to make you trust life.

But if you can't trust life, how will you trust money and abundance show up for you when you need them?

I know how challenging this can be; the first step I took to trusting money, was to start building a relationship with money, so I could start to see money as a lover.

I guess this is why, this is the first part of the Creating Money Magic eCourse.

If you’re feeling stuck about money, then my suggestion is to start writing daily letters to money and building a relationship with money.