On Dancing With Your Inner Critic & Trusting Your Journey

A few weeks ago, I got a message from my spirit guides to host an offline event on the Spirit Of Money, as a follow up to the teleclasses.

As the weeks went by I started to give into my inner critric and that other part of me that criticises me and protects me from failing.

In this instance my inner critic manifested as a voice that kept telling me this was stupid – I’m a speaker and my days are full and no way will I have the time or budget to put together this event.

These arguments were totally logical and “true” so up until yesterday morning I had cancelled the Romancing the Spirit of Money Event.

But thanks to my awesome coach I was persuaded to go ahead and do the event on Sunday, August 30th and to trust my guides and the guidance I’d received.


On Trusting Your Journey


I decided to downgrade the event and make it smaller and more intimate. Firstly let me say that the event is half full!!!

In the last 24 hours insanely awesome things happened - I found a venue, they discounted the price and food without me asking and SAFM (one of the top radio stations in South Africa) called to ask if they could interview me for an hour today on the Spirit Of Money and I can talk about the event!

If you’re in South Africa you can tune into the show from 1pm – 2pm today.


Dancing With Your Inner Critic


The inner critic, like any of our shadow selves is there to protect us from making mistakes and failing or looking stupid.

In its enlightened form it forces us to look deep within ourselves and question our motives and who we are. It can help us become self-aware.

Unfortunately when the inner critic operates as a shadow, it can hold us back from taking action and erode our confidence, which impacts our ability to generate or increase our income.

The good news is that your inner critic can be your best friend and can help you turn impossible obstacles into miraculous hell yes opportunities!


Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Best Friend


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