How to Create Financial Abundance With EFT Tapping

I’m officially a certified tantra yoga teacher!



I’m slowly emerging from my deep spiritual wombing process where I turned into my own client and started coaching myself to release so much stuff that no longer serves me.

It’s been a tough but so worth it - it’s taken the research for my next book to the next level and I feel stronger and less anxious about repeating my past mistakes.

I admit that I've made some financial boo boos the last few months but I'm glad because it's really gotten to think and refocus and decide on what kind of business I want to build.


I’ve left the ashram in south goA, INDIA


I’m now back in North Goa in a small little town called Morjim so I have relatively fast internet again.

But the most exciting news is I have my own little apartment (this is a big deal for me because I prefer to live normally on my travels so I don’t really do hotels and resorts).

The apartment is a 1 bedroom with a small study and lounge area where I’m hoping to host old and new friends.

After 5 days here, it feels like my new home.



I also have a tiny little kitchen so I don’t have to eat out for every meal. Yay!



That’s what I love about traveling and living outside of your comfort zone – you get to meet your ugly and beautiful sides and learn to really appreciate the simple things in life.


I Also Got To Interview One Of My Personal Development Heroes


Right before going to the ashram I had the awesome opportunity to interview one of my personal development heroes, Brad Yates.

If you know me then you know that it takes a lot for me to be in awe of someone; Brad’s work changed my life.

Years ago (in 2011) I’d just gotten out of the vipassna meditation retreat where I’d had felt a major shift in my emotions around depression but I was still struggling financially.

A friend of mine begged me to try EFT Tapping but I kept resisting because it seemed so different to positive affirmations.

Until one day when I found myself battling with self-doubt and struggling with sending an email to a potential client and thought what the hell, went on YouTube and did a quick search on EFT Tapping & self-doubt.

And up popped Brad’s video; I started tapping along to it, not expecting much but halfway through the video I felt something in my body release and shift. And suddenly sending the email wasn't such a big deal.

Needless to say – I became an instant fan and EFT Tapping became part of my weekly practice.

I recently got the opportunity to interview Brad on his life story and how he used EFT Tapping to go from being heavily in debt to making a 6 figure income, travelling the world and making money doing what he loves.

Click below to listen to the interview.



I’ll try to remember to take loads of pictures – you can follow me on instagram to check those out: @vangilemakwakwa


I’m On Radio Again!


If you’re in South Africa: I’ll be doing my regular live chat with the legendary Shado Twala on SAFM on Monday, December 7th at 1 pm SA time where I’ll be talking about money and the holidays.

If you’re not in South Africa, no worries we’re in the same boat – I’ll send out the recording. Here’s the link to the last 2 interviews I did with Shado:


1. November 9th:  Understanding our Money Shadows

2. October 12th: Overcoming fear and anxiety about money