Charge Your Worth

Charging For Your Services & Earning What You're Worth

Charging For Your Services & Earning What You're Worth

Why do people pay others X and someone else Y for the same kind of work?

I used to ask myself these questions all the time.

Of course, now that I do the work I do, I know that what we get paid has a lot to do with the system (patriarchy, racism etc), our mindset and our deep understanding of the value that we bring to clients or to a job.

We can’t change the system of patriarchy and racism overnight, but we can change ourselves.

People are constantly responding to our vibration, our body language, the way we treat ourselves and how we show up for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how great we are at negotiating or “faking it till you make it”, if we don’t feel comfortable with the amount that we’re charging or the salary we’re requesting, people won’t pay us that amount.

If you don’t believe that your work or your service is worth X amount; something in your voice, body language or your response will give that away and people will be able to sense it and it will feel false.

Why should people trust you with that amount of money when you don’t even trust yourself with it?

Charging what you’re worth has nothing to do with convincing people of your value; it’s about our self perception and what we think about the money we’re requesting.

How to Get Over the Fear of Asking for a Raise or Invoicing Clients

How to Get Over the Fear of Asking for a Raise or Invoicing Clients

A few weeks ago I had to ask for money owed to me from my former school in South Korea.

I literally just went back and forth with them and reminded them that we had reached an agreement 3 weeks ago on the payment amount and date and that date has passed. 

A few minutes later the money was transferred to my account and I was like: Thank you.

But then it hit me - there was a time when I would have waited and waited before asking people to pay me money they owe me. I would have created a long story and twisted myself in knots at the very idea of asking for money.

My message a few weeks ago was literally 2 sentences long and to the point.
I’m actually shocked by how much I’ve changed when it comes to asking for money that's owed to me or invoicing. 

How to Deal with People That Won’t Pay You for Services Rendered

How to Deal with People That Won’t Pay You for Services Rendered

I wanted to take a moment to re-visit the topic of working for free or for people that don't pay us. 

This is even more intense than being undercharged.

This has a lot of spiritual implications for us as well.

According to the laws of the universe whatever energy goes out must come back to us. So there's a constant flow of energy to and fro.

Why You Should Stop Undercharging for Your Services

Why You Should Stop Undercharging for Your Services

A topic that often comes up in the Money Magicians Facebook group is the topic of undercharging and how difficult it is to tell people how much we charge for our services.

When I started out as an entrepreneur I couldn't tell people what I charge, instead bought into the myth that I needed to lure people with discounts and freebies so I could "break into the market".

And you know what - it never worked!!!

Now, I just tell people my price, I don't negotiate or apologize and I only offer discounts and freebies to people that my spirit guides guide me to offer discounts to.

And guess what?

Wealthy Money has grown faster than when I was offering freebies.

How To Release Vows Of Poverty

How to release vows of poverty

Last year I started going to past life regression sessions.

I’ve been meaning to share my experience on past life regression for a while now, but I was nervous because it would make me look too woo woo.

I’m over my nerves. 


Why past life regression?


Past life regression is when you get hypnotized to go into your past lives, your lives before this life.

I’ve always (since I was 6 years old) had a sense of having lived before and have often seen some of my other lives during meditation.

Most of my incredible breakthroughs in meditation, come when I “slip” into other life times. These experiences always change everything for me.

Last year, June 2014, I hit a roadblock – I kept feeling this deep sense of guilt about my success - how great Wealthy Money was doing and how on track I was with my goals.

Every time I sent an invoice to a client, I could feel the guilt in mychest and stomach.

I was also having a very hard time telling people my fees and charging my worth.

Worse, I could see how this guilt was impacting my finances – I started playing small and rejecting business opportunities because I just wanted to stop feeling guilty.

I was really upset because I thought I’d worked through this stuff before, but here it was again.

And honestly, I just didn't want to sit with it and explore it further.

I kept thinking: “This guilt, feels too intense to be from just one life time. And if that’s the case, my past lives are impacting my finances in this life time.”

That’s when I decided to go for a regression session.


Releasing vows of poverty and service that keep us financially stuck       


My first past life regression session turned me into a fanatic and a believer.

I was hypnotized into various life times where I saw myself involved in different spiritual practices – taking vows of service (work without pay) and poverty.

I saw myself taking the vows and saying, “not even death can break these vows.”

What followed was a very interesting session where I called on light beings to help me release these vows and I can’t really explain what happened because an hour later everything changed.

In today’s vlog, I share my experience on past life regression and old vows.


Click on the video to learn more:


What happened after the session?


The guilt disappeared about an hour after my session, which allowed me to stay on track with my financial goals and pay off my debts 2 years ahead of schedule.

I've since had tons more sessions where I’ve learned so much about life and myself.

I’ve also received loads of clarity about my business, my finances, my purpose and how to fulfill said purpose.

Another interesting thing: a minute after one of these sessions; I heard a message about my fiction novel, the characters in it and am now in the middle of writing a novel.

I’m going to be doing more sessions this year to explore my relationships or lack there of.


What do you think about past lives?

I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section below. 




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