Why We Financially Sabotage

Why We Financially Sabotage

Have you ever had moments in your life when your finances were just going well?

Where you’re just doing well with money?

Even if it’s for a week or a month or a few years?

Everything was just going fine, you were making the money you wanted, you were saving money, things were working according to plan and it looked like you were gonna be just fine.

And then suddenly, BOOM, something happens in your life and from that moment, everything just falls apart.

Out of the blue, there's an emergency, kids need things, cars break down, you’re dipping into your savings and going from saving to creating debt.

Sometimes this is a once off event that causes everything to fall apart for a long time and it just feels like we’re willfully sabotaging.

At other times, our financial sabotage happens at a specific time of the year, around a specific person or when we’re in a specific city or country.