Charging For Your Services & Earning What You're Worth

Charging For Your Services & Earning What You're Worth

Why do people pay others X and someone else Y for the same kind of work?

I used to ask myself these questions all the time.

Of course, now that I do the work I do, I know that what we get paid has a lot to do with the system (patriarchy, racism etc), our mindset and our deep understanding of the value that we bring to clients or to a job.

We can’t change the system of patriarchy and racism overnight, but we can change ourselves.

People are constantly responding to our vibration, our body language, the way we treat ourselves and how we show up for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how great we are at negotiating or “faking it till you make it”, if we don’t feel comfortable with the amount that we’re charging or the salary we’re requesting, people won’t pay us that amount.

If you don’t believe that your work or your service is worth X amount; something in your voice, body language or your response will give that away and people will be able to sense it and it will feel false.

Why should people trust you with that amount of money when you don’t even trust yourself with it?

Charging what you’re worth has nothing to do with convincing people of your value; it’s about our self perception and what we think about the money we’re requesting.