Benefits & Insights From Over 200 Days of Giving


Merry Christmas!

At the beginning of 2014, I wrote a blog post explaining that I was going to spend the year giving a gift a day to friends, family and complete strangers.

This project started off as a 29 day project on January 4th, 2014, but then kept going until end of May and started again in mid- September.

As the year comes to an end, I thought it’d be awesome to share benefits and insights from this project.


1. I became debt free for the first time in my adult life


Yep! That happened in 2014.

The more I gave, the more speaking and business opportunities came my way, which increased my extra streams of income.

I used this money to settle any remaining debts I had.

I’m proud to announce that the only loan I have left is my mortgage, which is a loan I plan to settle in the next 3 years.


2. received insane discounts from everyone and everywhere


I bought an apartment I’d been visualizing for months at 80% of its market price.

I even received a crazy discount on my student loans when I paid off everything in one lump sum!

These are two examples of the awesome discounts; people constantly offered me products and services at discounts without me even asking.

Even my barber, who charges a pittance, makes me pay half price. I asked him why and he shrugged.

I don’t think I’ve paid full price for anything this year and I think it’s because of the gifting project.


3. Gratitude on steroids


I’m not sure how this happened but gratitude has become my predominant emotion.


4. Released envy on a deep level


The more I gave, the more I started to see just how much I have in my life and the more I appreciated the way my journey is unfolding and stopped comparing myself to others.


5. Attracted the things I want with ease


I first learned about the law of giving and receiving when a friend sent me an article by Deepak Chropra after reading my blog post in January.

In short – the law of giving says, if you want to attract something into your life, start giving that thing away.

If you want more money, start giving money to others, if you want love, start giving love.

The catch is to give from the heart with no expectations.

This is counter intuitive but I can’t convince you of the truth of this until you try it for yourself.


6. I connected with my own fears and prejudice


I often joke with my friends that I may be the only person that actively goes looking for beggars to give money or food to, so I can reach my goal of a gift a day.

This is a major shift for me because I used to be that person who avoids beggars, gets frustrated and annoyed by people who ask for help.

But for the first time, I started conversing with beggars and random people on the streets because it felt awkward to just give and walk away.

During these conversations, I realized how much fear and prejudice I had towards other people and have had to work on these unconscious judgements.


7. I challenged deep limiting beliefs


There were days when I believed I didn't have enough to give and I’d feel upset and angry that I’d committed to this project.

I’d think – “who the heck has the resources to give a gift a day?”

On those days, I learned to sit with my thoughts and question my beliefs that I had nothing to give.

What I found was that I always had something to give - advice, time, love, compassion etc.


8. I started to value intangible things


I started off the project to get more material benefits (of course).

By September I found myself asking questions like – what good is material success if I don’t live my purpose, have time to enjoy my life and celebrate with family and friends?

The more I asked these questions, the more I started seeing the value of intangible things - emotional well being, relationships, health...


9. Giving can bring joy


I know I wrote this in my book, but I don’t think I quite believed it. I wrote it because the research said it was true.

When I started challenging myself to give not just material things, but intangible things as well, something shifted in my life.

I started opening my heart and saying things like:

“I feel a reckless joy blooming deep within me.” (Yes, I say this all the time now; I don't recognize myself)

“My aim in this life is to be untameable, wild and unapologetically me."


10. I started to value my time


This is perhaps the most beautiful gift of all.

I started to see time as a gift I can give to others and to myself.

I started understand my mortality and to question the way I use my time. I'm conscious of what I dedicate my time to, which has lead me to truly grasp what it means to live my truth.


I look forward to hearing what you’ve learned from giving to others.

Please share in the comments section below.

How The Simple Act of Giving Makes You More Abundant and Richer

Giving photo

I just finished a 29 gifts project (I’m extending it into 360 days of giving).

At the beginning of January my younger sister (who manages my brand and markets me) talked me into doing 29 gifts project, based on the book by Cami Walker.

Cami Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was given advice by a South African Sangoma to stop focusing on herself and give 29 gifts in 29 days (a gift a day).

Today, her health has changed – the disease has slowed down its progression, she has very little pain and is able to work.

Her answer: she spends her days giving gifts to people.


Giving is Counter Intuitive


I wasn’t over the moon about starting a gifting project in January, at first I thought WTF am I gonna give and how much is this going to cost me?

I looked at all the gifts my sister was giving – she was giving amazing gifts, not cheap stuff you’d want to re-gift, but things that you’d want to keep because they had a special meaning to you.

So I decided what the heck - in for a penny, in for a pound. I was going to give gifts I wanted to receive with no expectations.

That decision has changed my experience of abundance.


Finding abundance in giving


Making the decision to give from the heart changed my thoughts on abundance.

The more I gave, the more aware I became of my blessings. And the crazy thing is I didn’t miss the things I gave away.

I’m not any poorer. Instead I spend hours wondering what I’m going to give to people, not what I’m going to get and it makes me feel abundant.

Lately I’ve even started changing my approach to business – instead of wondering what I’m going to get from others, I’m choosing to focus on what I can give and offer to people.

I'll write about this experiment in a few months but judging from the responses I think I’m on the right track.


Being open to receive


The first week I started the 29 gifts project I noticed something weird within me – I didn’t want to go up to people I didn’t know and give them gifts.

It felt weird. I thought people would find me strange and question my motives.

It felt weird because I was looking at the world from my point of view.

I have issues with receiving. I question people’s motives when they give me gifts, so I think others do the same.  I’m not completely open to receiving the random goodness and kindness of strangers.

I’ve noticed that I’m not alone in this- there are some people I give gifts to who instantly feel the need to give me something in return.

To create a life of abundance, we have to be open to receiving all the good that life has to offer and to feel worthy of it.


Giving awakens gratitude


The more gifts I give, the more abundant and grateful I feel.

Two years ago my 21 year old cousin was having a very difficult time finding a job and/or keeping money. I started coaching her and bought her a book on gratitude.

The more she started writing the things she was grateful for and appreciating everything she received and giving back to others, the more content she felt.

After a few months she got offered a job as a store manager, she wasn’t earning a lot of money but she chose to feel gratitude for the little she was earning.

She understood when I told her that it’s not what she earns, but what she does with what she earns.

She chose to become an investor in her sister’s salon (her salary built the salon), is about to start studying Business Management and will be buying her first car cash in a few months.

Not only that but she is being asked to do motivational talks about gratitude at church and is now working on being a motivational speaker on a full time basis.


The law of attraction works in your favour


We all know the saying: the more you give, the more you receive.

Our spirit knows this to be true but putting this wisdom to the test when you have nothing isn’t easy.

The more I give, the more I receive and the more people are requesting Wealthy Money's services. 

I'm also being getting great service.

It's irrelevant what mood I’m in at any given moment, people constantly respond with love, smiles and amazing service. These are people that don’t know me from Adam.

These people have taught me that not all gifts are material; we can give of our time, our knowledge and our emotions. All these things can change a stranger’s life in a second.


Making giving part of my life


I’ve decided to extend my 29 gifts project to the rest of the year and see what happens. If you want to join me on the journey, please feel free to post comments to this article on the blog:

or to share your stories on the Facebook Fan Page:

I will share an update on my journey and a list of 5 things I’m grateful for once a week on the Facebook page (I think Mondays) just to get the conversation going.


How do you feel about giving?

Let's connect in the comments section below.

Gratitude: The Key Ingredient In Wealth Creation

Apart from meditation, the one thing that's changed my life and continues to do so, is keeping a gratitude journal and constantly reminding myself to feel gratitude.

Whenever I feel stuck, I do EFT Tapping about the things I'm grateful for and within a few days a shift happens.

My EFT Gratitude sessions are miraculous.

I once did a 3 month challenge on my own and literally scared myself silly with how dramatically my life changed.

Almost every wealthy person from Oprah to Maya Angelou, attributes their success to gratitude and the ability to celebrate what they already have in their life.

Talk to any law of attraction teacher, and they'll all tell you that gratitude is the secret ingredient to success.



Gratitude matters


People value sincere words of thanks more than awards and ceremonies.

People can “feel” our emotions.

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy, 5000 times greater than the brain’s electromagnetic energy.

The heart’s electromagnetic energy can be detected from a few feet away using a magnetometer.

When 2 people are in conversation, the heart has the ability to influence the other person’s brain rhythms and therefore their thinking and behavioural patterns.

If we feel deep negative energy in our hearts we can repel people. If we feel deep gratitude for someone, we’re able to connect with them deeply.


How to practice gratitude


1. Openly praise people


Curb your criticism and openly praise people.

Award ceremonies are great of course but they aren’t personal; they’re formal, scripted and lack heart to heart connection.


2. Appreciate different situations and people, as and when they appear


Every time people do something take a minute to appreciate them and thank them.

Wouldn’t you want to be around someone who actually took the time to thank you for something specific you did?

A friend of mine works for an art gallery, and she recently confessed that she’ll work harder to sell an artist’s work if they’ve expressed their appreciation to her.

She’s happy with a simple thank you.


3. Smile


People interpret our mood by our facial and body expressions.

Even our brain interprets our moods by our facial expressions.

When we smile our brain registers this as happiness and we automatically start to feel grateful.


4. Give back to society


Giving back to society is a way of showing gratitude, what’s good for society is good for business.


Do you have a gratitude practice?

How has t changed your life?

Let’s connect in the comments section below

Why Visualization Doesn’t Always Work

When I was in grade 12 I used to look up at the sky, watch for airplanes, see myself getting on and off planes as I run after planes in different airports (at the time running to catch a plane seemed so uber cool).

I had no clue what I was doing but I so badly wanted to travel, go to exotic places, dance in the Caribbean and meet amazing people that I started pretending that was my life.

I kept imagining how awesome life in varsity would be, chilling with artists, reciting poetry in semi lit bars, smoking weed and connecting with diverse friends from all walks of life.

Imagine my shock when I got to varsity and all the things I'd imagined started to come to pass!

And then I started traveling and found myself running after planes in different airports except that wasn’t as much fun as I'd imagined because I’ve missed my fair share of flights in foreign countries.

It wasn’t until I was in business school (8 years later) and struggling financially that I discovered “The Secret” and learned that all my imaginings were visualization.

To this day when I feel stuck on the “how” of things I just imagine the outcome and focus on that until a bright idea comes to mind.


What is visualization?


Visualization is simply imagining something you want to happen and focusing on that vision.

The most important thing is to believe this vision has already happened, to feel all the excitement and positive emotions you’ll feel when that vision comes to pass and to feel it as though it’s happening now.

Your emotions during visualization are important because they make the vision feel real for your subconscious mind.

Negative emotions such as fear and despair introduce resistance to the visualization process and delay the outcome in the material plane because the subconscious mind gets conflicting messages.

When we feel fear during visualization, our subconscious registers the vision as dangerous and chooses to continue protecting us by blocking its manifestation.

When we feel gratitude, the subconscious registers the vision as joyous and the mind becomes open to ways to make the vision real. 

During the visualization process it's important to feel like the vision has happened and to feel absolute gratitude for your life in that moment.

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion you can feel when you want to manifest something.


Why Visualization Doesn’t Always Work


1. Not taking action


If you keep visualizing something but never take action to make the vision a reality, it'll take forever to materialize.

At the end of the day, action is necessary because we haven’t yet reached the stage of evolution where we can just make things happen through thought alone.


2. Not getting emotional during visualization process


Visualization works best when you do it with positive feelings, if you feel fear or guilt as you visualize an outcome, you send mixed messages to the subconscious mind, which can make it difficult to take action because the mind feels that the outcome isn’t safe.

The more grateful you feel about the outcome, the faster it’s likely to happen.


3. Belief in the vision


When you’re trying to make the impossible possible, everything hangs on a single variable: faith.

You have to believe that what you’re visualizing has already happened.

I sometimes find this difficult but I always tell myself how awesome the experience was so I make myself believe it’s already happened, which in a way makes taking action much easier.

You have to imagine everything  as though it's happening in the present moment and make your mind believe the vision has come to pass so the vision is embedded in your mind as a memory that feels possible.


How has visualization changed your life?

What tips can you share with us?

Let me know in the comments section below.