How to Forgive (Without Compromising Your Boundaries)

How to Forgive (Without Compromising Your Boundaries)

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness and boundaries.

A few weeks ago I did the meditation on memories about money and had a past life memory.

It’s a memory I’ve had many times before in my past life regression sessions, where I saw my mother kill me. She was a soldier in that life and I was the wife of a man who was plotting treason and when the soldiers came looking for the man they found me.

My sister was my son in that lifetime and I had hid him (my son) in the shed so he could be safe.

In the meditation I flashed to this memory and I saw how right before I died I made a vow to avenge myself and avenge that killing.

This was a light bulb moment for me because I finally understood why my inner child at the age 4 was obsessed with vengeance, especially when it came to my mom.

The first time I ever flashed to this memory, a few years ago, I kept going back and forth between that past life memory and this life time.