EFT Tapping Script for Trust


KC: Even though I have a part of me who really does not feel safe and every time this part of me feels unsafe, that’s okay this is where I am right now.

Even though I have this inner child that really cannot feel safe enough to trust or safe enough to shine, I now choose to heal that child.

I choose to give her the experience of unconditional love and if I have to draw that from source and infinite intelligence I choose to do so, so that my inner child can feel loved and safe always.

EB: I have this real scared child who believes

SE: The world is not safe

UE: I have a part of me who really has a hard time trusting

UN: This part of me that is really scared to be vulnerable

CH: It does not feel safe to trust myself

CB: Every time I fail or think of failing and not being perfect

UA: I feel so small and I totally sabotage myself

Gamut: It’s just not safe to trust

TOH: Trust opens you up to disappointment

EB: I am just not ready to let myself believe in good things

SE: I am just not ready to trust myself or anyone or anything

UE: I am just not ready to trust

UN: And I refuse to ever trust or make myself vulnerable

CH: But there is a part of me that wonders what it would be like to trust

CB: There is a part of me that would like to have deeper relationships

UA: And wouldn’t it be nice if I could release all my trust issues

Gamut: Wouldn’t it be nice if I could start to trust myself a little more

TOH: Wouldn’t it be nice to be fearless and a bit more trusting