Overcome Anxiety

6 Alternative Ways to Manage Anxiety

6 Alternative Ways to Manage Anxiety

A few weeks ago, in the Creating Money Magic group, someone asked:

“How can I handle anxiety without taking any medication?”

I chose to answer this question based on my own personal experience with anxiety and depression and how I was able to change my emotional state.

I still have anxiety because I'm human, but the anxiety is not crippling and it feels natural and manageable and the best thing is it happens once in a while and not every day.

Usually the idea of packing up my life and moving in a space of a month would unsettle me and leave me too scared and anxious to take action. So I can see a shift in the way I handle life events and feel about them as they unfold.

How to Release Anxiety About Money

Anxiety about money

When was the last time you made a great financial decision when you were stressed, worried or anxious about money?

When I'm anxious, I can't visualize or do positive affirmations.

It's impossible to be grateful when I’m anxious or panicking about money.


How to overcome anxiety about money


1. Do EFT Tapping



2. Sit with the anxiety


Whenever I feel anxious about money I sit down and focus on the part of my body where I feel the anxiety, usually it’s my stomach or my throat. I see the colour and shape of this anxiety on my body and ask out loud - what thoughts are causing this sensation?

And then I sit and observe the sensations and thoughts that come up.


3. Question the beliefs that are giving rise to anxiety


When I made the decision to move from Boston,, MA to South Africa, my anxiety was at an all-time high - I had no job, no clients and very little money.

I was convinced I was going to starve.

I believed this was the worst idea I'd had in a while.

I had no business network in South Africa and only had my family to rely on, so I knew I was going to starve.

I sat down and questioned this belief using the work of Byron Katie:

If I move back home, I will starve


The Byron Katie Method involves a series of 4 questions:


~ Is this true

Yes, past experience had taught me that I need to have all my ducks in a row before making such major decisions

~ Can you know that this is true?

No, because Im not God so I can tell the future

~ How do u react when you think this thought?

I get anxious

~ Who would you be without this thought? 

I’d be less tense and more open to possibility.

~ Turn the thought around:

- If I move back home I will not starve and this is true because actually I have family at home

- If my thinking moves back home, my thinking will starve


How does feeling anxious about money impact your financial behavior?

Let's talk in the comments section below.