How to realease fear

Quick Tip: How to Shed Fear & Start Taking Action

Jumping rope with a rock.

My week has been a mixed bag – there’s been a lot of anxiety and overwhelm about the changes I’m making to Wealthy Money.

I want to share a quick 3 step process I relearned about releasing fear and getting started working on your vision:


1. Get very clear (I mean crystal clear) on your vision


The brain hates uncertainty, it sees uncertainty as dangerous so the clearer you are on what you're trying to create or achieve, the more confident you'll be when it comes to taking constant action.


2. Break down the vision into goals or action plans with time lines


A 5 year vision can be overwhelming; breaking it down into action steps that you can take in the next 3 months to make it a reality makes it manageable.


3. Embrace the fear or overwhelm


What you resist persists. Surrender to the fear and the overwhelm by sitting with it and questioning whatever thoughts come up.


How do you deal with fear and overwhelm?

Please let me know in the comments section below.